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QC sets up substitution registry at vax sites

July 31, 2021 Cory Martinez 306 views

Quezon City residents who go to vaccination sites even without prior appointments can now register under a new system called Quick Substitution List (QSL).

Mayor Joy Belmonte said the new system aims to efficiently inoculate the city residents and to ensure that all vaccines at a site will be consumed.

Belmonte explained that residents or workers who go to vaccination sites without prior appointment can sign up in QSL to replace scheduled beneficiaries who are no shows or did not receive their jabs due to deferment because of medical and other valid reasons.

A member of staff will call them back to the vaccination site later in the day to receive their jabs once it becomes clear that scheduled vaccinees won’t arrive or have been advised against taking the jab by doctor-screeners.

Signing up in the QSL, however, does not guarantee a vaccination slot on the same day, as it will depend on available vaccine at the site.

“In the afternoon, if there are beneficiaries who fail to show up or were deferred because of high blood pressure, failure to present a medical certificate or other reasons, we will call those in the QSL and invite them to get the shot instead,” said Belmonte.

She said this practice has long been implemented at the Smart Araneta Coliseum mega-vaccination site and other malls serving as inoculation sites.

Through the QSL system, Belmonte said allocated vaccines for the day are used up and their integrity is not compromised by the need to bring them back to the cold storage facility.

“Having a QSL allows us to immediately utilize all vaccines allotted for the day and in turn, hasten our vaccination drive even if some of the scheduled individuals don’t show up,” she said.

On a daily basis, a total of 10-50 or 10 percent of beneficiaries miss their vaccination schedules in the city’s many vaccination sites.