Public warned vs fake PH Embassy, bogus envoy in cash swindle scheme

October 13, 2021 Cristina Lee-Pisco 103 views

The Philippine Embassy in Washington DC alerted the public against the illegal online activities of an unscrupulous entity to defraud money from unsuspecting victims.

In a public advisory, the Philippine Embassy said it has received reports of an unscrupulous entity illegally representing the Philippine Embassy and/or the Philippine Ambassador to the US through instagram and possibly other social media platforms.

The modus operandi of the fraud scheme currently making rounds online informs potential victims that “your instagram account was one of the lucky 30 randomly selected winners of the ongoing international giveaway” by Philippine Ambassador Jose Manuel G. Romualdez as part of the “COVID-19 relief fund shared by the United States round the globe,” the advisory said.

It said the victims were then be asked to pay a transaction fee related to the transfer of a cash prize to their bank accounts.

The Philippine Embassy informed the public that there is no prize selection or program related to a cash giveaway, especially as part of an international COVID-19 relief fund.

It also reminded the public to verify first and dismiss any untrustworthy messages or offers that they might have received via social media.