Harry Roque

PRRD praises Roque

April 17, 2022 People's Journal 226 views

PRESIDENT Rodrigo Roa Duterte praised UniTeam senatorial Harry Roque for his intelligence and being a ‘great lawyer.’

The President, also a lawyer, agreed with Roque’s proposal to limit court trial to three days to serve justice to victims immediately.

“I subscribe to your ideas hindi ko nga kang kayang gawin ang mga ginagawa mo as an interntional lawyer eh mas marami kang alam kaysa sa amin,” Duterte said during his interview with Roque.

Duterte admitted that he could not be a national lawyer, unlike his former presidential spokesperson.

Meanwhile, Duterte shared that he took in Roque as his spokesperson despite his criticisms against the President as he wanted “real” and “honest” people.

“I took you in as my spokesman eventually kasi gusto ang mga tao ko ‘yung nagsasabi ng totoo sa akin maski na magagalit ako. ‘Yung tingin nila eto ‘yung kaso mo, eto ‘yung gawain mo,” he told Roque.

On the other hand, Roque clarified that there was no proof that President Rodrigo was linked to the vigilante killings in his hometown led by the Davao Death Squad (DDS).

“Wala po akong nakitang then mayor Duterte was behind it kasi tinignan ko naman po ‘yung sinabi nila na mass grave, pinahukay namin at ang nakuha lang ay ang buto ng aso so ‘yung ang report ko po,” he said.