PRRD: Gov’t has ‘power to control’ quarantine movement

June 8, 2021 People's Tonight 220 views

THE national government has the “power to control” the movement of people, President Rodrigo Duterte said on Monday, lamenting how many Filipinos continued to violate quarantine protocols.

In a pre-recorded meeting with Cabinet members in Davao City, Duterte said he could “calibrate” the government’s Covid-19 response if Filipinos in areas with a surge in Covid-19 cases refuse to adhere to minimum public health standards.

“As we go along in this journey ridding the pandemic from our country, we will adopt measures that will be commensurate to the gravity of the situation,” he said.

He noted how he personally saw how people in some areas in Visayas and Mindanao saw an upward trend in COVID-19 cases due to failure to observe quarantine protocols.

“Gaya ng Mindanao, Mindanao then Bacolod and Cagayan de Oro. Nakita ko talaga. I passed by the place while going home to Mindanao, na ang mga tao, balewala, parang walang nangyari. Parang walang sakit,” he said.

Although he noted that they may not be intentionally roaming about to spread the virus, Duterte said failure to comply with quarantine protocols would have serious consequences.

“We might calibrate our response to the intransigence that you will show. Depende sa ano ninyo…kung talagang ayaw ninyo sumunod then we can go into…marami,” he said.

“I could…ayaw ko lang sabihin but…we have the power to control it, actually. Kung ginusto lang namin pahirapan ang tao,” he added. Philippine News Agency