Proposed ordinance seeks 1-month salary incentive for suffering QC employees

September 4, 2021 People's Journal 316 views
THREE Quezon City councilors led by Winnie Castelo of District 2 have
proposed an ordinance to grant a productivity incentive equivalent to
one-month salary to city employees.
Covered by Ordinance No. 466 are all city personnel, whether holding
plantilla or permanent positions, or on job order or contract of
service arrangement. Thousands of city workers will benefit from the
Castelo said the extra one-month salary grant “would be additional
financial assistance to our employees, who have been suffering from
economic hardship caused by the almost two-year coronavirus disease-19
(COVID-19) pandemic.”
It would be on top of whatever amount of aid they have received from
the city and the national government, he said.
He said city employees “have shown their dedication and commitment to
public service from the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.”
“The continuous delivery of quality and world-class services to Quezon
City residents during these trying times and the accomplishment of the
city’s objectives would not be possible without the collaborative
efforts of its employees,” he stressed.
Castelo pointed out that the city has the finances to grant a uniform
additional compensation equivalent to one-month salary to its
employees, regardless of employment status.
He added that as of Aug. 18, 2021, a report from the City Treasurer
showed that real estate tax collections had amounted to P3.8 billion,
while business tax revenues totaled P9.1 billion.
“The city has a stable financial position despite the economic
downturns experienced by different sectors around the country caused
by the pandemic. The city owes this success to its employees who work
unselfishly, unmindful of the dangers posed by the virus to their
health and well-being,” he said.
“It is high time we show our appreciation to our city personnel
through the grant of a productivity incentive,” he said.
Castelo noted that in 2019, the city had given an incentive equivalent
to one-month salary to its plantilla personnel and P3,000 to its
contractual (job order and contract of service) workers.
Castelo’s co-authors of proposed Ordinance No. 466 are Councilors Karl
Edgar Castelo of District 5 and Melencio Castelo Jr. of District 6.
They suggested that the amount needed for the incentive be taken from
“any available funds of the city.”