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June 21, 2024 People's Journal 150 views

BAMBAN, Tarlac — Mayor Alice Guo, facing allegations of Anti-Trafficking in Persons filed by Philippine National Police Criminal Investigation andDetection Group (PNP-CIDG) and the Presidential Anti-Organized Crime Commission(PAOCC) at the Department of Justice(DOJ) firmly asserts that mere connections to companies or individuals do not suffice as grounds for labeling someone a conspirator.

The mayor emphasizes that such claims need to be backed by substantial evidence.

“Having connections to companies or individuals, especially when vague, is not enough to link someone to a case, particularly one involving Human Trafficking,” Mayor Guo stated.

She highlighted that she has no involvement or participation with Zunn Yuan Technology, Inc. or any other POGO (Philippine Offshore Gaming Operator) in the country.

Despite not having received a copy of the formal complaint yet, Mayor Guo remains confident that there is insufficient evidence to implicate her in the allegations.

She voiced concerns that the allegations appear to have been prematurely publicized before any concrete evidence was presented.

“Since the day of the raid on March 13 until now, there has been a concerted effort to unjustly link me to the case,” she said. “If concrete evidence existed, charges would have been filed against me much earlier.”

Mayor Guo calls for a thorough investigation of cases before any public statements are made, upholding the legal principle that guilt must be established with clear evidence.

“The principle of ‘innocent until proven guilty’ should prevail, and it is crucial to respect human rights and justice in all aspects of any case,” she added.

Mayor Guo is prepared to address the allegations against her, standing firm in her commitment to uphold justice and transparency in the proceedings.