February 7, 2022 People's Tonight 191 views

THE Philippines, a nation of more than 110 million population, would do well to study further the matter of treating the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) as the ordinary flu.

Unlike the dreaded COVID-19, influenza or flu, for most people, resolves on its own. Sometimes, however, the ordinary and seasonal flu and its complications can also be deadly.

Flu is a viral infection that attacks one’s respiratory systems – nose, throat and lungs.

The country’s health experts are still cautious about treating COVID-19, which has devastated the world economy, preferring to take it one step at a time, according to Malacanang.

In the Philippines, the virus has killed 54,526 people, with 3,609,568 million Filipinos, including persons with comorbidities, contracting the disease since mid-March 2020.

Malacanang issued the statement following reports that more and more European countries are moving on to treat the coronavirus disease as just a common cold.

Cabinet Secretary Karlo Nograles from Davao City was quick to point out that concerned government authorities cannot just follow in the footsteps of western countries.

“Health experts are very careful…It’s still a little bit of wait and see. But there is hope in seeing this being more of like the seasonal flu,” according to `the soft-spoken Nograles.

Like other well-meaning people, we share the view of health authorities that “kailangang magdahan-dahan tayo dahil sa pagsulpot ng mga lalong nakakahawang variant.”

We are all for this.