Police scalawags

July 27, 2023 People's Tonight 287 views

THE government cannot afford to have “scalawags” in the 220,000-strong Philippine National Police (PNP) at a time when the people are buffeted by problems in various fronts.

That’s why we doff our hat to PNP chief Gen. Benjamin Acorda Jr. for vowing to continue ridding the agency, which is civilian in nature but national in scope, of “rotten eggs.”

Acorda made the statement after President Marcos accepted the resignations of 18 cop officials, three of them one-star generals, allegedly involved in illegal drug activities.

They were among 953 generals and full colonels who submitted their courtesy resignations last January while a five-man independent panel looked into their possible drug links.

In his second state-of-the-nation address last Monday, President Marcos vowed to support efforts to strengthen the police and the military as part of efforts to uphold the rule of law.

“The President has already accepted the resignations of 18 police officers…But make no mistake about it. Hindi tayo diyan natatapos. Magpapatuloy ang ating paglilinis sa hanay ng PNP,” said Acorda.

In fact, the PNP top honcho reiterated his policy that there would be zero tolerance for police scalawags.

Although there are only a few rotten eggs in the premier law enforcement agency, their nefarious activities continue to tarnish the image of the men and women in police uniform.

It is certainly high time to hit hard at erring police officers and men if the government is to regain the trust and confidence of the Filipino people, notably the weak and the lowly.

Dapat lang!