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Police run over by ‘motornapper’

August 27, 2022 Dennis Abrina 304 views

IMUS CITY, Cavite – A local policeman here was injured and is currently being observed after being run over by a fleeing “motornapper” on Friday night, August 26, 2022, at Barangay Tanzang Luma 4.

The victim identified as Police Master Sergeant (PMSg.) Nemencio Buhay Torres, 41, a member of Imus Community Precinct Station (CPS), is currently being observed at the hospital.

According to the police investigation, the incident occurred at 11:30 p.m. when a victim sought help from the barangay officials regarding the alleged motorcycle theft by a 19-year-old suspect.

There was a chase between the suspect and the barangay officials, who immediately called the nearby police checkpoints.

The suspect arrived at the checkpoint where Torres was on duty and immediately stopped the suspect riding the motorcycle.

But instead of stopping, the suspect shouted, threatened the policeman, and ran him over.

Upon hitting the victim, the pursuing barangay officers immediately apprehended the suspect, and the policeman was immediately rushed to the hospital.

The suspect is now in jail and facing anti-fencing law charges, attempted homicide, and direct assault.