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Police ‘asset’ kills live-in partner, 15-year-old girl

February 3, 2022 Jane Eleda 266 views

A WOMAN and his 15-year-old daughter were killed while another daughter was seriously injured in a shooting incident in Cebu City.

Police identified the fatalities as Jenelyn Bontilao, 31, and her daughter Hannah Ouano, 15, of Sitio San Roque, Bgy. Guadalupe , Cebu City.

Both mother and her daughter succumbed to gunshot wounds in the head.

Bontilao’s 11-year-old daughter Joanna Ouano, is in critical condition at the hospital.

The suspect was Bontilao’s former live-in partner, Janjan Moko, a police “asset” of the Abellana Police Station.

An investigation showed Bontilao decided to end her relationship with Moko, which prompted the shooting.

Neighbors told police that prior to the shooting, Moko barged in the the victim’s rented house. They then heard Bontilao and Moko quarreling.

Few minutes later, gunshots were heard. Moko was seen leaving the hous.

An investigation showed Moko always beat Bontilao everytime he got jealous, which resulted in the separation.

Police said Moko could not accept that Bontilao was leaving him, that led to the killing.