Poe pushes cashless transaction in airports

December 8, 2022 Camille P. Balagtas 268 views

SEN. Grace Poe said stores in the country’s airports should be ready to cater to customers who prefer cashless payments in their transactions.

“More tourists and travelers are coming for the holidays. One way to enhance their airport experience would be the availability of cashless payment platforms that stores can offer for better convenience,” Poe said during the Commission on Appointments hearing on the confirmation of the appointment of Transportation Secretary Jaime Bautista.

The senator asked Bautista if he was aware that a number of airport concessionaires accept only cash payments.

“I’m not sure if you are aware but there are a lot of concessionaires in the airport who wouldn’t accept credit cards or debit cards, cash lang. So napapaisip ako, ayaw nilang mabisto ang earnings nila pero bakit papayagan ‘yan ng airport manager,” Poe said.

“It’s so inconvenient for passengers who don’t have cash, particularly if we are encouraging tourists,” she added.

She said some customers are forced to withdraw cash from ATMs, some of which are not working at certain times.

“The improved digitalization of transactions at the airports can help give the country positive feedback from visitors and entice more tourists,” Poe said.

The senator also raised the gridlock experienced in immigration lanes, which she said could be addressed by deploying additional Bureau of Immigration personnel during peak hours.

“During peak times, deploy more people, open more windows, it can help de-clog the lines and give ease to our travelers,” Poe said.

“We should continuously strive to give our tourists and travelers a beautiful experience that would make them come back to the Philippines,” she said.