Podcast hosts who unabashedly talk about sex

March 25, 2022 Mario Bautista 739 views

Witches1VIVA’S Oomph Network presents the podcast of two sexy ladies whose controversial views and beliefs will surely meet a lot of opposition from the more conservative members of our society.

Tina Wells and Amanda Coling call their show, “B*Witches”, the X-rated podcast.

Tina has been around for sometime and joined TV5’s “Amazing Race” in 2012 while Amanda is into events and party organizing. In the presscon that Viva held for them, the outspoken ladies invited viewers to allow them to give “a peek into the world of love, sex, relationships and modern womanhood.”

They think Filipinos should not be so uptight about sexual issues and should open up more about their sexual choices and own up their sexuality.

“Filipinos are conditioned not to talk about their sexual choices despite their being highly sexual,” says Amanda. “They are very reserved but I can feel na ang dami ring Pinoy talaga na highly sexual, pero hindi lang nila ma-express sa society kasi we’re told na dapat, conservative ka, huwag kang magdadamit ng sexy. But what if yun ang gusto mo? What if you want to explore your sexuality more? What if you really want to do forbidden things? Ba’t ka pa nabuhay sa mundong ‘to kung hindi magagawa ‘yung gusto mo, right?”

She adds that Pinays should be allowed to talk about their sexual choices with no judgment, apologies, or shame.

“We should be open more about our sexual choices, ano ba gusto mo talaga and with no apologies. Walang shame, walang guilt, no excuses, you just do what you want to do.”

Tina Wells adds that Filipina women should accept their sexuality even if we live in a conservative country.

“I think it’s important to be able to talk about how Filipinas can accept being conservative, and yet still accept their sexual nature, embrace their sexuality and be responsible for their choices.

Sexual energy is one of the most powerful and moving energy anywhere. As human beings, we have to accept na mayroon tayo nito. We have to own that we are sexual beings. But we have to use it in a way na we’re not going to have any regrets. Be free! Own it. If you love sex, just be responsible about it.”

Their podcast is meant to be a woman-empowerment show that probes into adult-themed topics like are you for monogamy or polygamy? We’re sure progressive minded viewers can easily relate with them. They show fresh new episodes every Friday at Viva’s Oomph Podcast Network.