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PNP wants more teachers, other PRC license holders to join the force

February 1, 2023 Alfred P. Dalizon 7328 views

PNPTHE Philippine National Police (PNP) headed by General Rodolfo S. Azurin Jr. has sought the assistance of Congress in amending the PNP law that will pave the way for the entry of more teachers and other professionals and experts in their own field in the police force, the Journal Group learned.

As proposed by its Directorate for Personnel and Records Management, the PNP wants an amendment of Section 33 of Republic Act 6975 or the DILG Act of 1990 which created the national police force. The said section refers to the Educational Requirement for Lateral Entry Program in the PNP.

The PNP leadership has sought the assistance of the House of Representatives headed by Speaker Ferdinand Martin T. Romualdez and the Senate headed by Senate President Juan Miguel ‘Migz’ F. Zubiri in approving their proposed legislative agenda which is one of their high priorities in 2023.

The proposal is aimed at having a Lateral Entry Program for Line Officers to include other baccalaureate degrees holders provided that they have a Professional Regulations Commission or PRC license or have civil service professional or its equivalent eligibility.

They include Teachers, AB Mass Communicators, Social Workers, Marine Transportation and other Marine Students, Licensed Criminologists and other licensed professionals that may be appointed to the rank of Police Lieutenant to fill up any vacancy after promotions from the ranks are completed.

Section 33 of RA 6975 was previously amended to include lawyers and chaplains that shall be appointed to the rank of Police Inspector or Lieutenant in their particular technical service provided they passed the required examinations.

Prior to that, top priority consideration for lateral entry shall be given to applicants who are in the Top 10 of their respective Licensure Examinations provided that the qualifications enumerated by the National Police Commission are satisfied.

Lateral Entry applicants must have a Bachelor’s Degree, with good moral character and must pass the physical, mental and heath examination of the force.

Napolcom Memorandum Circular No. 2003-010 actually prescribed the guidelines and procedures for Lateral Entry of Officers into the PNP based on Section 33 of RA 6975 which says that in general, all original appointments of commissioned officers in the PNP shall commence with the rank of Inspector, to include all those with highly technical qualifications applying for the PNP technical services.

They include “dentists, optometrists, nurses, engineers and graduates of forensic sciences.”

“Doctors of medicine, members of the Bar, and chaplains shall be appointed to the rank of senior inspector or Captain in their particular technical service while graduates of the PNP Academy shall be automatically appointed to the initial rank of Inspector or Lieutenant.

Licensed criminologists may be appointed to the rank of inspector to fill up vacancy after promotions from the ranks are completed,” the Napolcom circular said.

It added that Police Non-Commissioned Officers already in the police service with highly technical qualifications and expertise needed by the PNP are also qualified for lateral entry.

The Napolcom issued the circular to create equal opportunity to all qualified men and women for appointment through lateral entry in the uniformed service of the police force.

Before, the general qualifications for lateral entry into the PNP is that the applicant must be either a dentist, optometrist, nurse, engineer, graduate of forensic sciences, doctors of medicine, member of the Philippine Bar, chaplain, a graduate of the PNPA or a licensed criminologist.

Other top priority considerations for lateral entry into the PNP are the Top 10 placers of the Licensure Examination for Criminologists provided that the incumbent PNP members who land in the Top 10 places shall be given first priority provided they have satisfied all the required qualifications.