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PNP, PDEA move to make 6,853 barangays drug-free

May 29, 2024 Alfred P. Dalizon 88 views

PNPAMID their continuing push for a 100 percent drug-free Philippines, the Philippine National Police (PNP) and Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) are bent on clearing the remaining 6,853 drug-affected barangays this year.

The PNP headed by General Rommel Francisco D. Marbil is fully partnering with the PDEA led by Director General Moro Virgilio M. Lazo to clear the remaining ‘drug-affected barangays’ across the country this year.

The two agencies are keeping a close tab on 363 barangay which have been identified as ‘drug-unaffected.’

Gen. Marbil said he has ordered a tougher campaign against substance abuse in the country and is pushing for a 100 percent drug-free Philippines.

The 30th PNP chief said they are also fully mobilizing the PNP Directorate for Police-Community Relationship now headed by Major Gen. Bernard M. Banac and the citizenry’s support in their effort to prevent substance abuse particularly among the youth.

Gen. Marbil has underscored his commitment to having 100 percent drug-free communities in the country. He added that he is also going for the ‘rule of law’ as they perform their anti-drug campaign.

“We always go for the rule of law here. We have to check the parameters, ano ba talaga nangyayari sa ground? Ano ba meron sa isang region na particular, it’s more of the specific sa isang region, hindi na po paramihan ng huli sa region,” he said.

He said that there is also no reason to compare the drug problem, say in Metro Manila, to the drug problem in another region like Eastern Visayas.

President Marcos earlier said that his administration’s approach to the illegal drug problem had “changed significantly as he maintained he was “diametrically opposed” to the use of violence in fighting illegal drugs.

A group of officials from the PNP-DPCR and Directorates for Operations, Intelligence and Investigation and Detective Management recently met with Director General Lazo to further strengthen their cooperation and partnership to attain their vision of having ‘Drug-Free Communities by 2029 under the Buhay ay Ingatan, Droga’ys Ayawan or BIDA program of the Department of Interior and Local Government headed by Secretary Benjamin C. Abalos Jr.

Also discussed during the meeting were the accomplishments of the government’s Barangay Drug-Clearing program, the challenges encountered as well as recommendations and opportunities which the PNP officials said are also being met and addressed by their concerned units.

The officials present agreed to thresh out different issues and concerns being faced by the two law enforcement agencies to ensure seamless performance of their mandates and functions.

Lazo proposed the conduct of a national seminar-workshop enjoining concerned and relevant agencies to come up with an updated national list to revalidate the National Drugs Information System, develop further cooperation among agencies, develop responsive protocols on the conduct of various operations and many others.

He also encouraged close and direct coordination among subordinate officers without seeking bureaucratic protocols that hampers prompt actions.

The Marcos administration last month said 23 provinces, 447 municipalities and 43 cities have also established their respective community-based drug rehabilitation programs (CBDRPs) as of December 27 last year.

The report added that 50 provinces, 1,160 municipalities, and 30 cities have functional Anti-Drug Abuse Councils (ADACs) implementing anti-drug priorities at the local level.

The government said 74 established in-patient treatment and rehabilitation facilities were also put up last year to help treat drug dependents.

The DDB chaired by Sec. Catalino S. Cuy continues to implement the Barangay Drug Clearing Program with the goal of attaining 100 percent drug-free/drug-cleared barangays by 2028.