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PNP-DEG won’t be abolished – Acorda

May 30, 2023 People's Journal 142 views

PHILIPPINE National Police chief General Benjamin C. Acorda Jr. yesterday rejected suggestions to abolish the PNP Drug Enforcement Group amid the controversy triggered by the October 4 operation in Sta. Cruz, Manila which led to the recovery of 990 kilograms of shabu worth nearly P6.7 billion and the findings that some of its men ‘pilfered’ huge part of the seized drugs.

“After studying, me ibang aspeto na nakita. Isang problema, there are some drug cases filed by PNP-DEG agents in different regions. To dislocate them, to transfer them to the national headquarters will affect their cases,” the PNP chief said.

Gen. Acorda also said there is also a provision of the law which says that a policeman acting as a witness in a case for violation of Republic Act 9165 or the Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act of 2002 shall not be transferred to another assignment that will prevent him/her from attending a court hearing on time.

“Nakita na natin na ang problema is more on the personnel, not on the Office. That’s why we need a strict vetting, a continuous background investigation of PNP-DEG personnel to make sure na walang kumakaliwa o kumakanan. It’s more of a vetting rather than ire-recall ang mga officers nito,” the PNP chief said.

PNP-DEG director Brigadier Gen. Faro Antonio O. Olaguera told the Journal Group that his current job was ‘very challenging’ particularly when he was told by his men about their many concerns about proposals to abolish PNP-DEG Special Operation Units.

“Low morale ang mga tropa pero ang sabi ko sa kanila, as long as there is no order from the higher-ups, mag-trabaho tayo. Dinagdagan ang suweldo natin kaya hindi dapat maging rason ang mga bali-balita para hindi tayo magtrabaho. Kung me order, we follow lawful orders pero until walang orders, mag-trahabo tayo dahil pinapasuweldo tayo ng taumbayan,” he said.