Pia, tuloy ang laban sa depression at anxiety

October 31, 2022 Vinia Vivar 357 views

Sa kanyang Instagram post ay ibinahagi ni Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach ang daily struggle sa depression and anxiety.

“Sharing with you about my mental health struggles helps me feel that I’m not alone. I know the content I share paint a picture of a life that’s problem free. But for sure, most of you know already that social media isn’t 100% ‘real life.’ The photos/videos we post are all very carefully curated. Most of the time, we only share the best parts about ourselves, and this creates an image or idea that life is perfect,” pahayag ni Pia.

“Last year, I posted my TedX speech where I talked about my mental health struggles (link in bio). I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety while I was Miss Universe and since then, it’s been a journey of learning, healing, sometimes falling off track, and then bouncing back again,” patuloy niya.

Sa ngayon ay natutunan na raw niyang i-manage ang kanyang mental health problem pero hindi ito ganu’n kadali at araw-araw ay ito ang kanyang struggle.

“Nowadays, I’ve learned and adapted healthier habits that help manage my emotions, but it’s not to say it’s all smooth sailing because it never really just goes away. There’s no magic cure. You just learn how to get better at managing it.

“But even with everything I’ve learned already, with the support I have & how truly blessed I am (believe me I know this and I am so grateful for it), even with all of that… it’s still a daily struggle.

“And there are days when I can’t even pinpoint or explain what’s wrong. I don’t know if it’s the same for other people but this is how I describe it: Everyday, I wake up and I have to make a choice.

I could either let this stop me and consume me for the rest of the day (possibly snowball into the rest of the week or so) or I could choose to do what feels right for me. Lately, the good thoughts have been winning, but the fact that I have to choose everyday is exhausting,” saad niya.

Natutunan na raw niya ngayon na i-celebrate ang kahit na maliliit na bagay na naa-accomplish niya.

“So I take it one day at a time. And I celebrate even the little victories. Wins don’t have to come in the form of a crown, a big work opportunity or trying to run a marathon.

“Wins are those moments where I choose to get out of bed instead of staying in and consuming media all day. It’s when I stick to my promise of seeing a friend instead of flaking and staying home.

It’s whenever I finally text people back or pick up the phone instead of letting the task overwhelm me.

“It’s all those moments where I manage to get up, shower, change my clothes, talk to people, tidy up my room, make myself some food, accomplish even just one task from my to do list. Anything.

“Even if it’s just one of those things I mentioned. Those are also wins. These tasks may sound simple and an easy part of somebody’s day. But for some of us accomplishing it, it really takes a lot inside. So here’s to winning everyday! And here’s to staying strong and focused,” kwento niya.

Nagbigay din siya ng payo sa mga taong dumadaan din sa depresyon tulad niya.

“Ignore all the noise. You will hear ‘Nag-iinarte lang ‘yan’ or “Nagpapapansin lang ‘yan.” Dont let it affect you or scare you from reaching out to someone… and even lend a helping hand to someone. Not everyone will understand or even believe you, especially if they’ve never experienced it for themselves. Or who knows, they might actually be struggling, too.

“Let’s keep winning everyday,” mensahe ni Pia.