PH’s blood supply

June 15, 2021 People's Tonight 135 views

WITH the theme “Give Blood and Keep the World Beating,” impoverished Philippines, like other countries across the globe, marked yesterday World Blood Donor Day (WBDD).

In this year’s celebration, the Philippine Red Cross (PRC), chaired by Sen. Richard Gordon, focused its attention on the vital role of the youth in ensuring a safe blood supply.

No less than the World Health Organization (WHO) has underscored the stellar role of youngsters in blood donation campaigns not only in the Philippines but elsewhere.

“In many countries, young people have been at the forefront of activities and initiatives aimed at achieving safe blood supply through voluntary non-remunerated blood donations,” it said.

In a statement, WHO said “WBDD 2021” generated wider public awareness of the need for regular unpaid blood donation, adding it enhances solidarity and social cohesion.

“The people’s need for blood does not stop. The blood that you donate today will save lives tomorrow,” said Gordon, a lawyer and a member of the 1971 Constitutional Convention.

The PRC, with 98 blood service facilities and 104 chapters nationwide, remains one of the top contributors to safe and quality blood supply in this Third World Southeast Asian nation.

Blood donors may get in touch with PRC’s chapters and blood service facilities or call hotline 143.

In the view of many quarters, including the ordinary citizens in the countryside, the celebration of WBDD should not end with the holding of bloodletting activities yesterday.

More importantly, it should remind everybody that donating one’s blood every three months helps save lives.