Peter Khoury Abduction: Mystery Of Blonde Alien Woman Hair Found On His Body In 1992

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By Vicky Verma 

Peter Khoury’s case is the first alien abduction where an alien specimen was found on a human body, revealed in a DNA test. He was born in Lebanon in 1964, and in 1973 migrated to Australia where he met his future wife Vivian in 1981, and the couple married later in 1990. They have 2 children.

Peter’s first encounter with a UFO happened when he was only 7 years old. It was the summer of 1971, and he was playing with seven other children when all of them decided to go to a rooftop. As he came there, an egg-shaped UFO was hovering above other children who were standing like a statue.

Peter1Peter Khoury

After some time gap, all the children found themselves on the ground floor with no memory of the incident. The next encounter happened in February 1988, when Peter and Vivian were in Sydney.

That time, they saw a strange moving light. But the incident that happened later in July completely changed Peter’s life.

It was around 11 PM, and Peter was staying with his family. That night, his brother Sam invited him to watch a movie in his room. Peter lay in his bedroom, but what happened next was completely frightening.

As he was laying on the bed, he felt a paralysis in his whole body and could move only his eyes.

“While…lying on my bed, I felt something grab my ankles. As I felt this, a strange numbness, tingling and churning sensation crawled up through my body and right up to my head. I was paralyzed, I could not move any part of my body but for the exception of my eyes, which I could move, open or close. My brain was functioning but I could not do anything physically. I tried to call out to family members but I could not force the words out. At this stage I started to panic thinking I would not walk again. I thought I was truly paralyzed.”

hair of the alien

Peter2Peter Khoury and his wife Vivian

As the experience unfolded Peter’s first thought was that this was a form of payback, a punishment for the less than satisfactory life he had led for about six years before he returned to the family fold. He thought, if he survived this, that his community would think, God’s punishing him, God paid him back. What followed — the encounter with the hooded, three- to four-foot-tall creatures with black, wrinkled faces — changed everything.

“The fear was so extreme. I’m gone! I’m dead! It’s real! I was petrified and paralyzed. Irrational fears were crowding in. They were going to kill me. I could be killed. The fear level was extraordinary. I was stressing out, how could I get out of this?

I became aware of some sort of communication, seemingly telepathic, no sound made, and yet I could hear the message in my mind. I was told not to worry and I would not be harmed and to relax. As I moved my eyes and looked to the left side…I made eye contact with two beings who looked so different to the others. These were thin, tall with big black eyes and a narrow chin. They were goldish-yellow in color.

Astonishingly the stress was gone immediately. The whole fear thing washed away as quickly as a light switch on. How could I be so calm after such a level of fear? My heartbeat was no longer racing. [A whole different situation was unfolding.]

Peter said he saw three- to four-foot-tall creatures with black, wrinkled faces around him. He communicated with the aliens telepathically. He heard them saying that they would not harm him and even made eye contact with the two of them. Peter even noticed that one alien was male and another female, wearing masks.

One of them inserted a needle into his head, and he blackout. Peter described him as tall and thin with large black eyes in the golden yellow suit.

After he got consciousness, he found out the creatures had also drugged his family members. Further, he thought that only 10 minutes had passed but in reality, it was 1 to 2 hours.

After this, Peter was totally petrified and had no clue what to do next. He even had surgical marks on his head which could prove his encounter with aliens. He had not much knowledge about alien abductions and struggled to understand them.

Eventually, he understood about the abduction experiences, jumped into, the world of Ufology, and started a group named the UFO Experience Support Association (UFOESA).

He continued helping other victims who claimed to encounter aliens, but his personal experiences did not finish.

On July 23, 1992, he came home after dropping off his wife at the train station. It was around 7 AM, and he was not feeling very well as he had got head injuries during an assault at the job site. So, he decided to go to bed and get some sleep.

Peter felt something alighting on the bed. As he got up, he was shocked to see two strange women kneeling near his bed.

He described one had an appearance of Nordic with an elongated face, big blue eyes, and a sharply pointed chin. Another one looked like an Asian. “I got the shock of my life because right on top of me was this female, a blonde female. She was just milky white in color. Her eyes were probably two-three times bigger than human eyes. She had protruding cheekbones and a narrow face that narrowed down to a pointy chin and on the side of the bed on the corner of the bed there was another female an asian looking female and then she the blonde female touches her stomach and points to the sky,” Peter said.

Although no normal communication occurred, the Nordic woman seemed to be in charge, and Khoury got the impression she was giving the Asian-looking woman some sort of instruction.

Nordic alien woman

Alien1Artistic view of two alien women: Nordic and Asian

She was 6 feet tall and very strong. She tried to copulate with Peter by pulling him towards her chest, but he resisted and even bit her which made him cough. Moments later, he looked up again, but both women had vanished.

The coughing stimulated him to go to the bathroom to drink water. After that, he tried urinating and found blonde hair on the genital of that Nordic alien woman. He kept the hair in the plastic bag with a seal.

JohnThe Khoury abduction Prof. John Mack, Peter Khoury, Bill Chalker & Dominique Callimanopulos

Peter refrained himself telling about it to Vivian for 2 weeks, although she had been very supportive of him for the 1988 abduction.

In 1996, Harvard psychiatrist John Mack did a hypnotic regression on Peter to understand what had happened to him in 1988. Under hypnosis, Peter said that he was taken to a room full of lights.

He was on the table with one creature above him but could not find out more than that.

Because of the bizarre and controversial nature of the 1992 episode, Peter was more comfortable describing his 1988 experience.

Because of the 1988 and 1992 experiences, Peter’s case was widely discussed and came into the knowledge of UFO researcher Bill Chalker. He began an investigation into the case and did the world’s first PCR (polymerase Chain Reaction) DNA test on the hair sample.

Bill Chalker

The test result showed that the hair was biologically close to human genetics but came from an unusual human race, probably a rare Chinese Mongoloid type.

Could Peter Khoury’s July 1988 alien encounter be an example of the well-established phenomenon known as “sleep paralysis”?

John O’Neill, a member of Australian Skeptics, argued that sleep paralysis could explain the paralysis Peter Khoury experienced, hallucination could explain his experience with extraterrestrials, falling asleep could explain his missing time, and “the puncture wound and scab could be from anything — a pimple, an insect bite or anything else in approximately the right location.” O’Neill accepted that Peter’s experience was genuine, as he himself had had a sleep paralysis episode. But his experience was typically vague, like most sleep paralysis episodes — “the feeling of some other entity being in the room, but [I] did not know and could not see what.” That vague description falls far short of the detailed and ordered description Peter Khoury offers of his experience.

Several aspects of Peter’s encounter actually defy this simplistic categorization. First of all, he was not asleep, nor had he reached the state that precedes sleep, the hypnagogic state, that often yields fleeting imagery of a hallucinatory nature. Furthermore, his experience has an ordered sequence of events that were recollected consciously; they were not vague sensory experiences of fragmented sleep. Then there are the physical marks, namely the injury to his head, where he felt the strange needle being stuck in, along with the biopsy-like mark on his leg, which certainly can’t be accounted for as a classic sleep paralysis episode or as a product of the sleep/awake interface that spawns hypnagogic imagery.