June 18, 2023 People's Journal 559 views

AMID the Taguig-Makati territorial dispute that was decided with finality by the Supreme Court, a group saying they are residents of Pembo, Makati wrote to the local government of Taguig to expedite their takeover and finally transfer them as residents of the city.

In a two-page letter addressed to the city officials, the group Mandirigma ng Pembo said they themselves are working to counter fake news regarding the possible negative effects of the final and executory decision of the Supreme Court.

“We would like to make known to you that we are eagerly awaiting the complete of Taguig City,” the group said in the letter.

They also said they aim to find out what residents can expect in the city once the takeover is carried out.

The concerned residents also confirmed in their letter that there is an ongoing black propaganda by people who “are busy suppressing and twisting the mindset of the people on the issue of Taguig vs Makati.”

The signatories of the letter were not disclosed to protect the residents.

Asked to comment on the reported Pembro residents’ letter Makati officials declined to respond saying they are preoccupied with effectively running the city government.

Mayor Abby Binay is not available as she is attending the London Tech Week and a garden reception hosted by British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak.

According to a high Makati official, they will give their side in due time.