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PBBM to focus on PH economy — Pahayag Survey

July 13, 2023 People's Tonight 316 views

THE PAHAYAG 2023-Q2 results have shed light on the pressing issues that Filipinos believe should be the primary focus of President Ferdinand Marcos Jr.’s administration. The survey, which gathered opinions from a diverse range of demographics, provides valuable insights into the macro and micro concerns of the Filipino population.

According to the survey results, 17% of Filipinos consider the Philippine economy to be the most important macro-issue for President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. to address. This finding highlights the significance placed on economic stability and growth by a substantial portion of the population.

Corruption emerged as a major concern, with 14% of respondents identifying it as a critical issue. Additionally, 13% of participants expressed worries about high prices and inflation, while poverty and unemployment received 12% and 10% of the respondents’ attention, respectively.

The survey further revealed variations in concerns among different demographic groups. Within the 18-24-year-old age bracket, poverty was identified as the topmost concern by 17% of respondents. In the 25-29-year-old demographic, jobs were seen as the primary issue, with 16% of respondents highlighting its importance.

The region of Mindanao demonstrated a unique perspective, with peace and order ranking as the primary concern for 8% of the participants residing in the area.

Looking into micro-level concerns, the survey highlighted the difficulties faced by households in finding employment. A significant proportion of 14% identified this as their primary concern heading into the next quarter. Notably, among the 18-24-year-old non-working and low- income individuals, this concern was particularly pronounced, with 19% and 20% of respondents respectively indicating its importance.

Financial constraints were also highlighted, with 12% of participants citing insufficient pay and the inability to afford basic necessities as pressing issues. Additionally, 11% expressed concerns about job loss and the impact of rising prices on their ability to purchase essential commodities.

The survey identified a particular concern among senior citizens (60+ years old) who were mostly retired or approaching retirement. Rising commodity prices were a significant worry for this demographic.

Health-related concerns were also noted, with 8% of respondents expressing worries about serious diseases other than COVID-19 and their ability to access healthcare services and hospitalizations.

These findings provide a valuable roadmap for President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. and his administration as they strive to address the nation’s most pressing issues.

The PAHAYAG 2023 Second Quarter Survey (PQ2) is an independent and non- commissioned survey conducted by PUBLiCUS Asia Inc. between 7-12 June 2023. It is a nationwide purposive survey with 1,500 respondents randomly drawn from a market research panel of over 200,000 Filipinos maintained by PureSpectrum, a US-based panel marketplace with a multinational presence with respondents, and distributed across five geographical areas: National Capital Region (NCR), North Central Luzon (NCL), South Luzon (SL), Visayas (Vis), and Mindanao (Min). Only registered Filipino voters were included in the sample, ensuring that the results accurately represent the sentiments of the voting population.