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PBBM cites lower crime rates

June 16, 2024 Alfred P. Dalizon 87 views

CrimeTHE Philippine National Police (PNP) headed by General Rommel Francisco D. Marbil said a reduced crime rate is one of the ‘best gifts’ they can offer to President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr.

Last June 4, the Commander-in-Chief presided over a PNP Command Conference at Camp Crame attended by Department of Interior and Local Government Secretary Benjamin C. Abalos Jr., Gen. Marbil, his Command Group and all 17 Police Regional Office directors and heads of the different PNP Directorial Staff and National Operational and Administrative Support Units.

Gen. Marbil gave the President a report on the status of peace and order in the country and other matters where they have achieved significant results, including the solution of major crimes.

PNP spokesperson, Colonel Jean S. Fajardo cited major accomplishments of the police force when it comes to solving heinous crimes.

She cited the arrest of the businessman who killed a 65-year old driver in Makati City following a road rage; the immediate apprehension of the gunman who shot dead Land Transportation Office official Mercedita Gutierrez in Quezon City; and the arrest of the mechanic who bludgeoned to death his live-in partner and her sister and nephew inside their house in Las Piñas City.

A PNP report on crime incidents in the country from January 1 to May 17 showed a major reduction in the number of Index Crimes including Focus Crimes and Non-Index Crimes compared to the same period in 2023.

Records showed that during the period, there were a total of 15,8 834 crimes recorded from January to May 17, 2023 compared to the 12,937 recorded during the same period this year. There is a reduction of 2,897 cases or 18.30 percent this year.

The Average Monthly Index Crime Rate during the 2023 period was 2.82 compared to the 2.30 this year or a reduction of 18.44 percent.

On the other hand, the Index Crime Clearance Efficiency in 2023 was 98.69 percent compared to the 93.14 percent this year. The Index Crime Solution Efficiency during the period this year was placed at 61.78 percent compared to the 66.49 percent last year.

The Non-Index Crime Volume for this year was 62,393 compared to the 63,419 in 2023 or 1,026 less or a 1.62 percent reduction.

In particular, the PNP said that the Average Monthly Crime Rate for Peace and Order Indicator or POI generally went down by 4.89 percent from 14.10 to 12.41 percent.

When it comes to Focus Crimes, there was a recorded overall decrease of 18.31 percent.

The top three most prevalent crimes recorded this year were theft, rape and physical injury.

However, cases of rape went down from 4,101 last year to 2,286 this year while theft cases recorded from January to May 17 this year was pegged at 4,470, which is smaller compared to the 4,988 incidents in 2023.

Cases of physical injuries hit 1,737 compared to the 1,982 in 2023.

President Marcos cited the major anti-crime gains and disaster preparedness of the PNP even as he commended the force’s resiliency in addressing criminality while ensuring its preparedness to help others each time a calamity or any disaster strikes the country.

The Commander-in-Chief commended the PNP for significantly reducing the country’s crime volume from July 2022 to May 2024 which he attributed to the major anti-criminality efforts of the national police force.

President Marcos called on Gen. Marbil and other generals to focus on key areas for continued focus and improvement.

President Marcos also emphasized the importance of enhancing the PNP’s capabilities in combating cybercrime, acknowledging the increasing threat posed by digital crimes.

On the issue of illegal drugs, he praised the PNP’s performance in the first five months of 2024, particularly in addressing illegal drug activities and urged the PNP to focus on apprehending major suppliers and high-profile drug personalities.

Regarding disaster preparedness, the President called for additional training for PNP personnel to improve their preparedness and response to disasters to ensure the safety and security of the public.

He also stressed the importance of gathering intelligence to prevent criminal activities and highlighted the need for a comprehensive approach to address illegal gambling.

The Commander-in-Chief also proposed the establishment of a legal department within the PNP to provide legal assistance and representation for police personnel, ensuring that they have the necessary support in legal matters.

The President observed general improvement in criminality rates, attributing this success to the PNP’s dedicated efforts.

In preparation for next year’s elections, he directed the PNP to start disarming and dismantling private armed groups, emphasizing the need to gather intelligence, seize illegal firearms and identify potential hotspots to ensure a peaceful electoral process.

Overall, President Marcos Jr. expressed satisfaction with the steadily improving performance of the PNP and assured continued support under his leadership.