Joel Villanueva

PASUC praises TESDAMAN Sen. Joel Villanueva

January 16, 2022 People's Journal 226 views

The Philippine Association of State Universities and Colleges (PASUC) praised and thanked re-electionist and Senator Joel “TESDAMAN” Villanueva for his invaluable support and assistance to the education sector such as additional funds for State Universities and Colleges (SUCs) under the 2022 National Budget.

PASUC recognized Villanueva as the Champion of Higher Technical and Vocational Education in the senate because of its advanced laws and initiatives and education reforms.

Some of these laws are the Free Tuition Law, Philippine Qualifications Framework Law, Labor Education Law, National Higher Education Day Law, and the laws that established new satellite campuses and conversion of public colleges to state universities.

Under the 2022 national budget, Villanueva pushed for three billion pesos in funding for a “smart campus” and the modernization of ICT facilities and equipment available for flexible learning, the student assistance program for students of SUCs and the nearly three billion funding for Medical Scholarships and construction of new Schools of Medicine under the Doctor for People Law that worked to become Senator law.

PASUC also pointed out that Villanueva is a real senate employee because of his desire to create jobs and ensure that new graduates have jobs.

PASUC also salutes Villanueva for his advocacy and tireless service to protect the interests of the workers and when the lost jobs and jobs due to COVID-19 return.

Villanueva immediately thanked the praise and gratitude and trust gained from PASUC.

According to Villanueva, he is only performing his sworn duty as an elected legislator.

Villanueva also assured that he will never tire of serving to raise the quality of education, help our teachers and students, and strengthen our industries to ensure that fresh graduates have good and many jobs available.

Villanueva added that his mission will continue and he believes that TESDAMAN is more needed in the Senate so as not to hamper the education reforms that have been started, especially the adaptation of universities and training institutions to digital technology and provide a long-term solution to the problem of job-skills mismatch.

Under the 2022 national budget, the education sector is one of the largest funders with P788.5 billion, up P36.8 billion or 4.9% compared to last year.