Passenger attacked while taking pic of jampacked jeep

August 2, 2021 Itchie G. Cabayan 261 views
Complainant Elisa Alegro

A FORMER Manila City Hall employee filed a formal complaint for physical injuries after allegedly being attacked by the girlfriend of a jeepney driver who saw her taking pictures inside the jeep where the complainant said was full to the brim without any social distancing.

Complainant Elisa Alegro of Tondo, Manila said the incident took place at around 3:30 p.m. after she alighted from a passenger jeepney (plate number TVZ-688) plying the Divisoria- Taft- Baclaran route.

In her complaint filed at the Manila Police District-Soler Police Community Precinct, Alegro said she boarded the jeepney at the terminal near the KP Tower for her scheduled checkup at the Manila Medical Center on United Nations Avenue when she noticed that it was being filled to the brim and the plastic supposedly serving as dividers are already worn out. Seated in front were the driver, his partner who serves as the ‘conductor’ and another man.

Alegro endured being shoulder to shoulder with the other passengers as she will be late for her appointment.

When the driver stopped at the 168 Mall to pick up more passengers, Alegro said she already raised her objection, citing there was no social distancing already, to which the driver’s girlfriend retorted: “Pang-trese nga yan eh!”

She further quoted the woman as having said: “Matagal pa ‘yang COVID na yan lahat naman mamamataY. Hindi nga kami hinuhuli ng mga pulis eh!”

After paying her fare, Alegro took out her cellphone and took pictures of herself and the other passengers whom she said were packed like sardines.

When Alegro got off the jeepney at the corner of Taft and United Nations avenues, she took a picture of the plate number and then went to the corner of the said roads to cross the street. To her surprise, the driver’s partner came rushing at her angrily asking why she took pictures of their plate number.

Alegro said there was no physical distancing inside the vehicle and then told her that they could discuss the matter at the newrby police station.

Instead of agreeing, the woman allegedly cussed and shouted at Alegro, who was surprised when the suspect suddenly got physical with her, stopping only when her partner and the other man with them arrived to pacify her.

Alegro suffered cuts and bruises in the fact and body. She was to have her inflamed knees checked when attacked.