‘Parang sirang plaka’

October 17, 2021 People's Tonight 265 views

AS the 2022 election approaches, Filipinos expect those running for public office to declare total war against wrongdoings and other shenanigans not only in the bureaucracy but also in society.

This is understandable because candidates, particularly the “traditional politicians,” want the electorate to believe that they are out to restore the people’s confidence in the government.

“Tuwing may halalan sa bansa, nasyonal man o lokal, parang mga sirang plaka ang mga kandidato kasi paulit-ulit na lang ang kanilang mga pangako sa taumbayan,” an irate voter lamented.

They promise to generate more employment opportunities, bring down the skyrocketing costs of goods and services, and eradicate graft and corruption in government offices and agencies.

Today, however, more and more Filipinos now want to know who in the government service have been taking advantage of their juicy and powerful positions to victimize the suffering people.

And everybody agrees that there are still a cabal of “crooks” and “vultures” in some government offices and agencies out to tarnish the image of the country in the international community.

In the view of many, including the poor who comprise the bulk of the country’s population, these “rotten eggs” in state uniform have no place in a civilized society like the Philippines.

Through multi-pronged information dissemination drives, well-meaning Filipinos should help the public in unmasking candidates who have no concern for the welfare of the people.

The electorate ought to be shocked into realization that there’s now that urgent need to rid the government of unscrupulous men and women, according to a newly-registered voter.

This, if we are to hasten the socio-economic development of this Third World manpower-exporting nation.