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PAL now operating an average of 120 int’l, domestic flights per day

November 26, 2021 Willy M. Balasa 235 views

FLAG carrier Philippine Airlines [PAL] is now operating an average of 120 international and domestic fight per day compared to 300 flights before the pandemic.

PAL spokesperson Cielo Villaluna in a telephone interview said that PAL is readying more cabin crews for flight operations this November and December and hoping by next year we can able to accommodate more crews as we are in the process of returning back to normal.

This is an indication that confidence in travel is building up and this is further boosted by PAL’s strict safety protocols, Villaluna said.

PAL is good and ready for tourist arrivals. There will be adequate manpower deployment for ease and convenience of all arriving passengers. There will be additional deployment of cabin crew for line duty this December which is the peak season and beyond in line with the easing of restrictions, gradual recovery of the travel industry and the upcoming increase in international arrivals, Villaluna added.

PAL management are also in coordination with the union officials regarding the increase of cabin crews back to operations.

The country’s alert levels may have been lowered but we continue to place high priority on the observance of safety protocols, she added.

Some reminders for airline passengers now that passengers are building up:

For your domestic flight, be at the airport at least two hours before flight departure and for your international flight give yourself at least three hours before the scheduled departure.

Villaluna also said that on board our flights, our HEPA filters cleanse cabin air of bacteria and viruses with 99.9% efficacy. Our crew are in PPEs or Personal Protective Equipment. Passengers are required to wear facemasks and faceshields as an added layer of protection.

While the Ninoy Aquino International Airport [NAIA] terminals are ready to accommodate thousands of travellers and placed hand sanitizer everywhere for passengers protection against the virus while the terminals are being sanitized every hour specially the comfort rooms including chairs and counters.