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PAL bringing home 7M more Sinovac jabs

September 11, 2021 Willy M. Balasa 336 views

FLAG carrier Philippine Airlines (PAL) is scheduled to pick-up another 7 million doses of China-made Sinovac vaccines from Beijing, China on September 13, 19 and 20.

PAL spokesperson Cielo Villaluna said PAL is set to pick-up millions of Sinovac vaccines on September 13 — two million doses, September 19 — another two million doses, and September 20 — three million doses.

Earlier, PAL delivered at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) on Friday afternoon some 1.5 million doses of Sinovac from Beijing and immediately transported to PharmaServ Express cold storage facility in Marikina City..

Villauna said the vaccine shipments this month were all government procured with a total of 8.5 million doses and which bring PAL’s international vaccine carriage to 21.9 million doses.

“We are expecting to carry more Sinovac vaccines in the coming weeks and even months as we are also expecting to carry other COVID-19 brands,” Villaluna said.

She added: “Our wide-body fuel-efficient Boeing 777s and Airbus A330’s are being utilized for these September deliveries.”

“Boeing 777s is equipped with cargo handling features that can carry up to 18,000 kgs., while our A330s can carry a maximum of 16,000 kgs., “ she said.

The One Stop Shop of the Bureau of Customs-NAIA said as of September 10, more than 55 millions of eight brands of COVID-19 vaccines have been facilitated by the authorities since February 2021. Of which, 31.5 millions are Sinovac, 8.9 millions are AstraZeneca, 3.24 millions are Johnson & Johnson, 5.8 millions are Pfizer, 4.29 millions are Moderna, 380,000 doses are Sputnik V, 1 million are Sinopharm and 100,000 doses are Hayat-Vax jabs donated by the United Arab Emirates [UAE] government.