Overseas employment

February 12, 2024 People's Tonight 42 views

FOR decades now, the Philippines has been exporting workers due to the shortage of high-paying jobs in the country.

Without doubt, the nation’s dollar-oriented manpower export industry remains a major pillar of the domestic economy.

In fact, during the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic, the bulk of our overseas Filipino workers refused to return home.

Even those working in areas hit hard by COVID-19 preferred to stay abroad “para hindi magutom ang kanilang mga anak sa bansa.”

This, despite the fact that their loved ones in the Philippines urged them, through text messages and telephone calls. to just go home.

Nobody can blame these Filipinos since everybody knows that there’s a shortage of high-paying jobs in the country.

With meager income, poor parents across the country cannot send their children to college or even to technical-vocational schools.

That’s why we commend the government for doing everything to strengthen its overseas employment program to meet the needs of the people.

Let’s now provide our workers, skilled and unskilled, with enough quality jobs in the country.

This, if we want to convince our overseas Filipino workers, like medical doctors, nurses, engineers and teachers, to return home for good.