Nourish brain with milk, students, parents urged

September 1, 2023 Arlene Rivera 78 views

WITH the resumption of classes, the National Dairy Authority (NDA) encouraged students and parents to consume fresh milk to boost academic and cognitive performance among students.

Recognizing the link between nutrition and scholastic excellence, the NDA is fervently advocating for the integration of fresh milk consumption into students’ daily routines.

Studies have consistently underscored the pivotal role of proper nutrition in facilitating optimal cognitive function and academic achievement.

The NDA aims to harness these findings by encouraging students and parents to embrace the benefits of local fresh milk, which is rich in essential nutrients such as calcium, protein, and vitamins crucial for brain development and overall well-being.

By promoting fresh milk consumption as an integral part of students’ dietary habits, the NDA envisions a positive impact on their academic achievements and overall cognitive prowess. “We believe that a well-nourished mind is a key determinant of academic success.

Fresh milk consumption offers a scientifically proven avenue to enhance students’ cognitive abilities and academic performance,” expressed NDA Administrator Dr. Gabriel L. Lagamayo.

“As classes resume, we urge the parents to include fresh milk as an essential component of their daily diet, setting the stage for a brighter academic journey,” he added.

In collaboration with the Department of Education, the NDA is actively executing the School-Based Milk Feeding Program.

This initiative ensures a consistent supply of local fresh milk from NDA- assisted cooperatives, sustaining both the livelihood of local dairy farmers and the quality of fresh milk that children consume.