Nora deserves a box-office hit again

May 2, 2023 Eugene E. Asis 761 views

EXCEPT for ‘Himala’ many years ago and her movies with Tirso Cruz III, we can’t recall the last movie of Nora Aunor that made money. Which is a pity since La Aunor is a very good actress.

So, we admire actor-councilor Alfred Vargas for producing ‘Pieta’ with Nora on the lead role, along with Ina Raymundo and Bembol Roco, directed by Adolf Alix, Jr. and we hope it will be a success at the box office. A National Artist like La Aunor deserves that.

Sean wins best actor as fall guy

VIVAMAX proudly presents “Fall Guy”, a socially relevant movie by no less than the legendary director Joel Lamangan, starring Sean De Guzman who has been hailed Best Actor at the Chithiram International Film Festival in India and Anatolian Film Awards in Turkey.

In the movie, Sean plays Julius Sumpay who grew up in the slums of Manila. He serves as a caretaker of the Garcia ancestral home where his mother Lourdes (Shamaine Buencamino) also works as a housemaid. Being exposed to the extravagant life of his boss, Fonzy (Vance Larena) and his friends, he also yearned to be part of their world despite his mother’s constant reminder to avoid their company.

But where Fonzy goes, Julius goes. He gets to have a drink at their party and make out with some girls who are out of his league, somehow making him feel like he belongs. But in one fateful night, it’s very clear that he is not one of them.

Julius wakes up naked, beside the dead body of Jenie (Cloe Barreto). She was gang raped and died in the hands of Fonzy and his friends. Set up by the boys, Julius finds himself arrested for a crime he didn’t commit.

“Fall Guy” is a realistic portrayal of what goes on in the society where the rich use their power to get away with anything, while the wrongly accused poor souls suffer and struggle immensely to clear their name.

In the case of Julius, will anyone ever listen to his cry for justice and give it to him even as Jenie’s mother Beth (Glydel Mercado) cries for the same thing?

“Fall Guy” also stars Marco Gomez,Tina Paner, Quinn Carrillo, Mark Cardona, Tiffany Grey, Hershie de Leon, Jim Pebanco, and more. It will be available for streaming on Vivamax on May 12, 2023.

Music to enjoy

MAY is a month of merriment like town fiestas and Santacruzan.

Music is a vital part of any celebration. From various artists come the original soundtrack of the film,

Adik Sa’Yo (Hinahanap-hanap Kita): 

Yakap by Alyssa

Alyssa is introduced on her QC Records debut single titled “Yakap.” While it may sound at the onset Alyssa is another guitar-toting artist, the addition of bass instruments and horn section on her recording suggests that she is a fresh and adventurous new act.

Until The End of Time

By Kean Cipriano

Veteran pop and rock artist Kean Cipriano returns with a new single titled “Until The End of Time.” Here, Kean turns wistful in this musing tune about being with someone”Until The End of Time.” QC Records people doubling as musicians Mertin Riggs and Diego Manzano contributes guitar and bass respectively.

Kung Hindi Susubukan

By Janno Gibbs

The original king of soul singer and over-all multi -hyphenate Janno Gibbs drops a brand-new song in “Kung Hindi Susubukan.” Janno Gibbs beckons the subject in his song ‘to try and find out if we’re really meant for each other.’ but of course, Janno delivers it poetically in Tagalog and packed with his trademark soul-drenched soulful voice.

Maria by bird.

QC Records artist bird drops a new wave- tinged track titled “maria.” Here , bird exemplifies their driving shoe gaze-vibe rock sound that makes bird one of the torch bearer bands of alternative rock in the scene today. With their trademark, guitar-driven sound at the fore on this upbeat track about “holding on the past.” Said track also features Dorothy Cruz of the band Run Dorothy.

Lihim by Mark Carpio

Balladeer singer-songwriter Mark Carpio returns with his first original song for 2023 via the new song titled “Lihim.” As expected, Mark delivers his song in his heart -on-sleeve style and the result is an emotional delivery that tugs at the heartstrings.

Adik Sa’Yo

(Hinahanap-hanap kita)
(Original Movie Soundtrack)

Modern pop music acts Cup of Joe, Marielle Belleza, Pat Cardoza and veteran rock ban Mayonnaise are the sonic support act included in the official Soundtrack album for the movie “Adik Sa’Yo (Hinahanap-hanap Kita).” Packed with compelling songs such as “Bukod Tangi,” the Rico Blanco-written “Hinahanap-hanap Kita,” “Habang Buhay” and “Talo” performed respectively by aforementioned acts . A bonus version of “Hinahanap-hanap Kita” recorded by YouTuber and Viva Record’s artist Raphiel Shannon is also included.

Adik Sa’Yo (Hinahanap-hanap Kita) is the new movie presentation from Viva film’s that stars Meg Imperial, JM De Guzman and Cindy Miranda, written by Mel Mendoza- Del Rosario and directed by Nuel Crisostomo Naval. By REMY UMEREZ.