No stopping General Azurin’s juggernaut

August 13, 2022 Alfred P. Dalizon 691 views

Alfred DalizonPNP chief, General Jun Azurin really meant business when he ordered a massive overhauling of top PNP positions last Monday which affected over 70 officials. Indeed, the top cop showed he has the full backing of PBBM when he reshuffled his key officials including over 40 generals and gave the signal that everybody in the force must really toe the line.

The movement which has been considered as the largest ever to be made by a PNP chief in the police force’s 31-year history affected members of the PNP command group, 12 regional directors, the five Metro Manila police districts and a number of PNP operating units.

Indeed, there is really no stopping Azurin’s juggernaut and again, I really believe that the 28th PNP chief had the full imprimatur of PBBM when he came up with the decision to reshuffle his officials in utmost secrecy. The PNP chief, I was told is also banking on Section 26 of Republic Act 6975 or the Department of the Interior and Local Government Act as amended by RA No. 8551 or the Philippine National Police Reform and Reorganization Act of 1998 which gives him full authority over the force.

Section 26 of RA 6975 says that the ‘command and control of the PNP shall be vested in the Chief of the PNP who shall have the power to direct and control tactical as well as strategic movements, deployment, placement, utilization of the PNP or any of its units and personnel, including its equipment, facilities and other resources.

Graduates of the Philippine Military Academy and the PNP Academy occupying key PNP positions were affected by Gen. Azurin’s move as the latter completely overhauled his Command Group, Directorial Staff, several Police Regional Offices and National Operational and Administrative Support Units. My congratulations to the newly-designated officials. I’m wishing them the best of luck.

On Friday, I was among the guests during the assumption of command of new PNP Integrity Monitoring and Enforcement Group director, Brigadier Gen. Warren de Leon of PNPA Class 1993 who aired his commitment to further step-up their campaign against rogues in uniform as ordered by Gen. Azurin.

The former PNP Intelligence Group director who later became the Deputy Director of the PNP Directorate for Intelligence will be using his vast experience in counter-intelligence to account for misfits and scalawags in the 226,000-strong police force without ‘fear or favor’ as they will be going after active, retired and dismissed police personnel regardless of their rank, position and source of commission.

De Leon replaced Brig. Gen. Sammy Nacion of PNPA Class 1992 who has been named the new PNP Deputy Director for Investigation and Detective Management. During nearly 10-week tenure of Nacion as IMEG officer-in-charge, the unit accounted for nine police misfits earning him congratulations from the PNP leadership.

New PNP Director for Intelligence, incoming Major Gen. Benjie Acorda of PMA ‘Sambisig’ Class of 1991 led the turnover of command ceremonies at the IMEG headquarters in Camp Crame. Acorda, also a former IMEG director only had a simple word of advice to IMEG officers and men: Please don’t use your office to tarnish and damage the reputation of innocent people.’

A new PNP Anti-Kidnapping Group director, Colonel Rod Castil Jr. of PNPA Class 1993 also assumed his post on Friday during ceremonies led by new PNP Director for Operations, incoming Maj. Gen. Emmanuel Peralta. Castil replaced Brig. Gen. Rod Dimas of PNPA Class 1992 who will assume his new post as Police Regional Office 5 director in Bicol region today after leading the AKG’s successful fight against kidnapping-for-ransom groups for over 1-year.

Another PNPA Class 1993 member, Col. Mark Pespes also assumed his new post as the new PNP Headquarters Service Support director, otherwise known as the Camp Crame commander. Pespes replaced his classmate, Brig. Gen. Clifford Gairanod who is now the new PNP Highway Patrol Group director vice Brig. Gen. Rommel Marbil of PMA Class 1991, now the new PRO8 director in Eastern Visayas region.

Marbil took over Brig. Gen. Bernie Banac of PMA ‘Tanglaw Diwa’ Class of 1992 who is also set to earn his 2nd-star as PNP Director for Plans. Nine more senior PNP officials also assumed their new positions during simple assumption of office ceremonies at Camp Crame presided by PNP Deputy Chief for Administration, Lieutenant Gen. Chiqui Malayo, a classmate from PMA ‘Makatao’ Class of 1989 of Gen. Azurin.

Installed to their new posts were Major Gen. Pipoy Natividad, of PMA ‘Bigkis Lahi’ Class of 1990, now the new Area Police Command-Northern Luzon commander; Major Gen. Patrick Villacorte, also of PMA Class 1991, now the new APC-Eastern Mindanao commander;

Brig. Jon Arnaldo of PMA Class 1991, now the new PNP Director for Human Resource and Doctrine Development; Maj. Gen. Alessandro Abella of PNPA Class 1989, now the new PNP Director for Research and Development;

Brig. Gen. Mario Reyes of PMA Class 1992, now the new PNP Director for Police-Community Relations; Major Gen. Val de Leon, also of PMA Class 1989, now the new PNP Director for Information Communications and Technology Management;

Brig. Gen. Peralta, now the new PNP Director for Operations; Maj. Gen. Mike Dubria, also of PMA Class 1991, now the new PNP Civil Security Group director; and Brig. Gen. Acorda, now the new PNP Director for Intelligence.

Colonels Castil and Pespes will earn their star-rank with their new positions while Brigadier Generals Arnaldo, Banac, Reyes, Peralta and Acorda will get their 2nd-star with their new designations. On the other hand, Natividad and Villacorte will be promoted to the rank of Lieutenant General with their new positions.

The nine were among the more than 70 senior officials designated to new positions of key responsibility by Gen. Azurin last Monday. Natividad was replaced as National Capital Region Police Office director by Brig. Gen. Jong Estomo of PMA Class 1992 who will also get his 2nd-star as Metro Manila police chief.

On the other hand, was replaced as PNP Special Action Force director by Brig. Gen. Edgar. Okubo of PNPA Class 1992. Okubo will also earn his 2nd-star with his new position.

Arnaldo took over as the new PNP-DHRDD vice Maj. Gen. Ato. Bisnar of PMA Class 1990 who is now the PNP The Chief Directorial Staff. Bisnar will earn his 3rd-star with his new position as the PNP’s 4th highest official.

Arnaldo used to be the Officer-in-Charge of the National Police Training Institute whose new director is Maj. Gen. Domingo Lucas of PNPA Class 1988. Brig. Gen. Reyes replaced Maj. Gen. Walter Castillejos of PNPA Class 1988 who will mark his 56th birthday today, Sunday.

Maj. Gen. Dubria took over as the new PNP-CSG director vice Maj. Gen. Jess Cambay ,also of PMA Class 1989 who is now the new PNP Director for Comptrollership. Acorda was replaced as PRO10 director in Northern Mindanao by Brig. Gen. Lawrence Coop of PNPA Class 1991.