Newbie film maker bags 2 int’l filmfest awards

August 3, 2022 Edd Reyes 238 views

A FILIPINO neophyte film director bagged major film awards in two international film festival held recenty in India.

Besting more a thousand of hopeful movie entries from all over world, Pinoy Director Jeremiah P. Palma’ s film “UMBRA” captured for him the most coveted BEST DIRECTOR award from these two international film festivals.

The Roshani International Film Festival is being conducted by the Film Education and Welfare Foundation, in Aurangabad, India. The festival uses media platform as a tool to connect audiences across various cities, countries, and continents.

On the said festival’s third year, Director Palma, the Director -in – Charge of the Kapisanan ng Social Media Broadcasters ng Pilipinas, Inc. (KSMBPI) Film Division, joined and won the above award last 24th of July 2022 for his movie “UMBRA”.

Prior to this award, he also managed to win the BEST DIRECTOR Award from Venus International Film Festivals 2022 (July 3, 2022) also for the same movie.

Palma or Direk Miah as he is fondly, called started directing in the year 2020 doing music videos and short films. His film outfit, MAYA Film together with KSMBPI Film Division collaborated together for the production of the award winning movie “UMBRA”, an “indie” film presented to the international film forum.

These two international film awards boosted the country’s status in the worldwide film community and more movies of the same quality will soon be produced by MAYA Films and KSMBPI Film Division to open up more opportunities for talents and film industry workers.

The said movie is set to be shown locally soon after its rounds of film showing globally.