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New ‘nuisance’ suit vs BBM deplored

November 18, 2021 People's Journal 223 views

PRESIDENTIAL candidate Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr.’s spokesman Atty. Vic Rodriguez denounced in the following statement a fresh attempt to have bongbong marcos disqualified from the presidential race next year

“As anticipated, the saga of those pushing for gutter politics continues with another nuisance petition filed before the Comelec by some alleged communist frontliners.

“These are cheap political gimmicks from the same people who do not want the country to move ahead and get out of the pandemic. They refuse to elevate political discourse and instead resort to dirty campaigning, character assassination, and mudslinging.”

Atty. Villanueva stressed that the Comelec has no jurisdiction to review, amend, modify or nullify decisions of the Court of Appeals (CA).

“Elections are fought and won on election day through the ballots.

“And surveys or voters’ test polls are the gauge of the candidates’ standing and a guide to win the electorate,” he added.

He pointed out that for presidential aspirant Bongbong Marcos and the BBM-SARA Uniteam, the 2022 election is “all about the future, the future of every Filipino, and the future of our beloved country.”