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NCR tops PNP performance rating

December 2, 2022 Alfred P. Dalizon 1783 views

THE National Capital Region Police Office (NCRPO) headed by Brigadier General Jonnel C. Estomo has topped the monthly “Unit Performance Evaluation Rating” or UPER of all 17 police regional offices nationwide for nine consecutive months, the Journal Group learned on Friday.

Owing to the work of the NCRPO Regional Personnel and Records Management Division headed by Col. Rodel A. Pastor, the NCRPO attained the “highest score” in the monthly UPER of the Philippine National Police (PNP).

The feat prompted Estomo to pin the PNP’s “Medalya ng Kasanayan” to Pastor for his commitment and leadership, which made them top the regional police offices’ evaluation rating for nine consecutive months this year.

The NCRPO’s performance rating zoomed in the most recent UPER nationwide tabulation result amid their “SAFE” program, which is aimed at having a Metro Manila police force that is “Seen, Appreciated and Felt by the public thru the delivery of Extraordinary police service to the community.”

Under Estomo, the Police Regional Office 5 (PRO 5) in the Bicol region also got the same top ranking.

The monthly UPER parameters include gauging the implementation of discipline, law and order; conduct of recruitment and selection process; ensuring personnel morale and welfare; assuring placement and promotion; management of personnel and records; and personnel plans and policies.

Among the numerous accomplishments of RPRMD includes the grant of 762,668 awards; 17,518 grants of leave; 233 retirement grants (LOI Salamat Kapatid); 100 scholarships; 28 reimbursements of hospital expenses (RHE), and seven Special Financial Assistance (SFA).

“I commend the extraordinary accomplishment of RPRMD, which was able to obtain the Top 1 rank in Unit Performance Evaluation Rating among various Police Regional Offices in the country for nine consecutive months,” said Estomo.

“This momentum proves the commitment of their team to achieve excellence in their task of rendering quality Personnel and Records Management here in NCRPO. I urge all other units to showcase similar zealous effort in the performance of their mandate to deliver extraordinary police service that is ‘Seen, Appreciated, and Felt by the community,’” the official added.