Navy veteran who witnessed ‘Tic Tac’ UFO wants an apology from Defense Department after he was ‘mocked and ridiculed’

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Chris Bradford
2:53 ET, Jun 28 2021
Updated: 9:59 ET, Jun 28 2021

A NAVY veteran who reportedly saw a “Tic-Tac” shaped UFO has demanded a public apology from the Department of Defense after claiming he was mocked and ridiculed by officials.

It comes just days after the US Government released its report into unidentified aerial phenomena which confirmed that the flying objects may be a national security threat.

SpottedA Navy veteran claims he was ‘mocked and ridiculed’ as he tried to explain the ‘Tic-Tac’ UAP sightingCredit: CNN

Pentagon1The Pentagon released its report into UFOs on FridayCredit: Getty

KevinKevin Day said he was “laughed at, mocked and talked about” as he tried to recall what he saw in November 2004, the New York Post reports.

He posted on Facebook: “From 2004 until 2009 when I walked away from DOD out of frustration, I had tried in vain to get somebody, anybody, to listen to me.

“Yet, every time I tried to describe what we had witnessed out in SOCAL during TIC TAC, I was openly laughed at, made the butt of jokes, and once even asked by my then-boss just WTF I had been smoking.

“I also hold NAVY/DOD directly responsible for what I and others went through as a result of trying to uphold our own duty and simply do the job the American people paid and expected us to do.”

Day, who is co-founder of the UAP Expedition Group, demanded a formal public apology from US Defense officials.

Kevin Day has demanded an apology from US Defense officialsCredit:

In a separate post, he said he didn’t have words for the “vindication” he feels after the unclassified report was released.

Former fighter pilot Alex Dietrich, who was on a training mission when she spotted the Tic-Tac-shaped orb, said she wants to “normalize” the UFO debate by talking about her experience.

She told Reuters that she hopes people will speak about sightings without the fear of being ridiculed or mocked.

She said: “Folks might be concerned about their careers or their church or something like that. They don’t want to be the kooky UFO person, so I guess I’m trying to normalize it by talking about it.”

Intelligence officials released the hotly-anticipated report on Friday which examined 144 sightings of “unidentified aerial phenomena”.

AlexRetired pilot Alex Dietrich said she wants to ‘normalize’ the UFO debateCredit: CNN

But, the US Government could only identify one incident with “high confidence” – a large deflating balloon.

That case was put down to “airborne clutter.”

The report said it didn’t find any evidence that UAPs resulted from alien visitors or foreign countries – despite not knowing what they were.

It stated: “We don’t have any clear indications that any of these unidentified aerial phenomena are part of a foreign [intelligence] collection program, and we don’t have any clear data that is indicative of a major technological advancement by a potential adversary.”

But, it couldn’t rule out either potential hypothesis.

DossierThe dossier couldn’t rule out that unexplained sightings could be secret aircraft from RussiaCredit: AP

The newly released report said the unexplained aerial sightings could be secret aircraft from China or Russia — or a “non-government” terror group.

The dossier contains a classified section that is unavailable for the media and public to read.

Alien conspiracy theorists blasted the contents of the report and accused the US Government of allegedly hiding the truth from the public.

Misty Ingram, of the Alien Research Center, told The Mirror: “They know full well what is out there, but they refuse to tell us the truth.

Pentagon UFO report is ‘complete whitewash and proves US is hiding somet…

Christopher Bucktin, US Editor at Area 51, Nevada

EXCLUSIVE: Pentagon’s Officer of the Director of National Intelligence said it could not rule out the existence …

“It’s a complete whitewash. They want to feed us information bit by bit, to walk us into the water gradually, so as not to spark hysteria.”