Jose Jose Abrenio, division chief of Philippine Fisheries Development Authority (PFDA) receives his first COVID-19 vaccine dose.

Navotas starts jabs for A4 priority group

June 8, 2021 Edd Reyes 221 views

THE city government of Navotas started on Monday the inoculation of the A4 priority group or essential workers.

Some 400 city workers and residents got vaccinated at the Navotas Fish Port Complex. Of these, 200 were scheduled to get their vaccine including the personnel of Philippine Fisheries Development Authority (PFDA), fish porters, and registered fisherfolks. Meanwhile, 200 from A1-A4 priority groups were allowed to walk in.

“We need to inoculate essential workers to protect them from the virus and ensure that they are healthy and fit to do their jobs and livelihood. They do not just work to provide for their families; they also contribute in rebuilding our economy,” Mayor Toby Tiangco said.

“The vaccine will also minimize the chances of these workers bringing the virus to their loved ones. Keeping them and their families safe is one of our strategies in ending this pandemic,” he added.

Earlier, in celebration of Labor Day, upon the instruction of Department of Labor and Employment, 50 Navoteño essential workers were given their first shot of CoronaVac. Four of them have already received their second dose.

“We understand that vaccines are limited. We hope to get more vaccines so we could continue providing protection to other members of the A4 priority group, many of whom want to be vaccinated,” Tiangco further said.

As of June 5, 42,752 city residents and workers have received their first jabs. On the other hand, 11,705 have completed their two doses of the vaccine. Of this, 960 are frontliners, 4,088 are senior citizens, 6,651 are persons with comorbidities, and four are essential workers.

Jose B. Abrenio, Jr., 59, Division Chief of Philippine Fisheries Development Authority, was the first essential worker in Navotas to get vaccinated at Navotas Fish Port Complex.