NASA’s Head Reads the Full Pentagon Report — Says We Are Not Alone

July 1, 2021 People's Tonight 555 views

Paul Seaburn June 30, 2021

If there was one person on Earth who would have definitive knowledge of extraterrestrials, the leading candidate would be an astronaut who has spent time in space. Second choice might be the head of NASA, who has talked to these astronauts and seen their reports. Third would probably be someone who has read the full classified Pentagon report on UFOs, not just the public summary.

There’s one person who fits in all three categories – Bill Nelson, the former astronaut who is currently the new head of NASA and just finished reading the classified Pentagon report. So, what does he have to say about ETs?

“People are hungry to know. And of course, ever since ‘Star Trek,’ you know people are yearning to find out what’s out there in the cosmos. Are we alone? Personally, I don’t think we are. The universe is so big, it’s 13 and a half billion years ago is when the universe started. That’s pretty big.”

Bill1NASA Administrator Bill Nelson

What about the UAPs, Bill. Are these Romulan warships or Klingon battle cruisers? Are they shuttlecrafts from a cloaked mothership? Scouts? What did the classified version of the Pentagon report really say about them?

“The report basically says what we thought. We don’t know the answer to what those Navy pilots saw but they know that they know something. They tracked it and locked their radar on to it. It moved quickly from one location to another.”

In an interview with CNN (watch it here), Nelson unfortunately doesn’t sound the one person on Earth with the experience and the exposure to answer those critical questions. Instead, he verbally agrees with the limited 9-pafe summary released to the public, although he does add some NASA-specific observations about whether it might be an alien adversary.

“We don’t think so [that it is an adversary], but when it comes to universe, remember the universe is so large, we have a program in NASA called the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence. But thus far, we don’t have any receipt communication from something that’s intelligent.”

Not surprisingly, he hopes they’re not owned by a foreign adversary.

“… I talked to the Navy pilots, when we were briefed in the Senate Armed Services Committee, and my feeling is that there is clearly something there. It may not necessarily be an extraterrestrial, but if it is a technology that some of our adversaries have, then we better be concerned.”

He also says the public needs to be patient. NASA scientists are analyzing the data in an attempt to explain them scientifically, and he’s awaiting their report. He also plugs the upcoming launch of the James Webb telescope in November, which will “peer back in time, almost to the beginning and additional information will find more planets.”

Robert1Associate NASA Administrator Robert Cabana, Administrator Bill Nelson and former NASA Deputy Director Lori Garver in an early photo front of NASA’s first space-bound Orion capsule.

Sigh. Despite his top position at NASA, his time in space and with other astronauts, his access to classified information … he sounds like he’s still in the mode of his other previous job – U.S. senator from Florida.

Will anyone step forward with additional information on those 143 unexplained UAP sightings by the military, or the UAP sightings by other countries, or the hundreds (or more) of other non-military sightings the government must have in its files? Are the sightings really not ours nor of other countries? How much longer will frustrated pilots continue to report on them with no answers? How much longer before there’s a confrontation? Why hasn’t there been one yet?

We want to believe … we just don’t yet know WHO to believe.