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NAIA blast probed

September 23, 2023 Jun I. Legaspi 196 views

A JOINT probe is being conducted by members of the MIAA Airport Police Department (MIAA-APD) and the PNP-Aviation Security Unit (PNP-Avseu) after a faint explosion was reported on or about 9:30 am, Saturday, at the open vehicular parking of NAIA Terminal 3.

Both police units responded immediately and conducted SOPs by securing the area and increasing police presence within the perimeter of the open parking where the improvised flaming device was believed to have come from.

Initial information revealed a noise akin to a weak explosion came from the direction of the open parking area fronting Terminal 3.

A glass bottle containing flammable liquid and wrapped with a cloth was shattered, its particles hitting three vehicles parked near where it landed. Eyewitness reports said that small flames were also seen at the bottom part of the vehicles.

Recordings of CCTV cameras located in the vicinity of the open parking are now being reviewed and police authorities are also trying to obtain other CCTV footages from nearby establishments outside the Terminal 3 perimeter.

As of latest, the assistance of the Pasay City PNP SOCO has been sought to assist in the investigation.

MIAA-Officer in Charge Bryan Co has ordered the Airport Police Department to beef up foot and K9 patrol in public areas and increase police visibility around the Terminal areas.

Co also called on the airport community for continued cooperation by reporting suspicious looking individuals as well as unusual movement of people in the airport complex.