March 28, 2023 People's Tonight 144 views

For a woman councilor in a male-dominated industry, it was pain and empathy that motivates a woman to achieve independence in her own career and path. You will either try to inspire others around you and be the help that you needed when you felt alone or let the fear stop you from achieving success. Still, even if her journey of being a councilor for three consecutive years and being a single mother felt overwhelming at first, Nadja Marie Vicencio made a great effort to stay at the top.

She is driven by her passion for public service, regardless of gender. She knows exactly that she wants to serve the people and not let outmoded social norms stand in the way of being a good government official.

There’s nothing that others can do that you cannot do, Councilor Vicencio told Journal in an interview, Even if she can get busy with work, she still finds the time to share sincere moments with her children.

There are times that it gets exhausting for her, but being surrounded by empowered women such as her people has a significant impact and influences her to do more good. Especially since she fell in love with what she does because of her family. It was her motivation and desire to do something beyond what was written in the books, it was her heart and love for people.

People might limit women to a certain extent in what they can do, and others might think that they cannot achieve success on their own prowess, but in modern society, women can lead, and women can achieve more than just power. And like Nadja Marie Vicencio, you can also be an inspiration for people and push them to continuously improve and thrive on the journey you want to take.