Mysterious Creature Encountered at Uvas Lake, California

July 21, 2022 People's Tonight 451 views

California1A father and son recently encountered a mysterious being while fishing at Uvas Lake, CA. I’m not sure how he determines that this is a Skinwalker, but it’s an interesting account.

I recently received the following account:

“Hey, my name is Dave and this is my story about the Uvas Lake Skinwalker. So me and my dad thought that it would be a good time to go catfishing at Uvas Lake, just outside of Gilroy, California.

We pull up near the dam and get our things ready. We start walking toward the water when my dad slips on a piece of wood, but he gets back up and is totally fine. We get to our spot that is about 70 yards from us. It didn’t take 5 minutes for us to hear the first sounds in the bushes. My dad and I froze. We keep a lookout for what the cause for the sound might be. Uvas is a prime spot for some shady stuff to go on at. The sounds continue for the next hour and a half. It reached the point where all we could think was “WTF?”

I then try to think of what it might be. I rule out it’s a human because no car pulled up except us and we would have seen them coming from another direction. Yet we have boar, coyote, deer, birds, and ground squirrels. I am quick to rule out deer, birds, and squirrels because they are not out this late at night (time was 11:00 PM). This also sounded larger, so coyote is ruled out. Lastly there is the boar. Boars are loud and travel in large groups so they are not the culprit. We quickly get the f**k out of there. My dad speeds ahead with the light and I am forced to watch our back.

We arrived back at the car, only to learn my dad lost his keys on his fall and that we are not out of the woods yet. We heard rustling and boy, the rustling did not stop. My dad tries to call someone to pick us up so we can come back to the car with the spare in the morning. It was about that moment when me and my dad heard footsteps in the brush not even 20 feet from us. I was so scared I did not move nor say a word and this moment burned into my brain. This thing did not move but I could see the glare out its eyes. It was like this for the next 10 minutes. I finally waved someone down and they pulled over and we told them what happened to us. My dad finally got someone to answer the phone and to come pick us up. At the time of writing this, we have just gotten the car back.

I just want local people to know, DO NOT GO TO UVAS AT NIGHT!” DH

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