My Grandfather’s NDE

September 28, 2022 People's Tonight 112 views


This story was submitted to the site by C L Palmer from Oakland, California.

After a major heart attack, my grandfather was taken to the Oak Knoll Navy Hospital in Oakland, California back in the late 1980s. There, his heart stopped and he was dead for a number of minutes. He later described what he experienced during that time to my mother and grandmother, who later related it to me.

He told them that he felt himself rise out of his body, and saw the ceiling approaching. He didn’t know how to control his spirit body, which was apparently parallel to the floor, nose adjacent to the ceiling. He could see the holes in the ceiling tiles close up and in great detail. He could also hear the doctors working on his body below him, and was frustrated because he couldn’t turn around and watch them. Instead, he just listened closely to what they were saying. After a while, he could feel himself being drawn back into his body, after which he lost consciousness.

When he awoke, he spoke to the doctor that had revived him and described what he had heard, wanting to make sure it wasn’t just a dream or his imagination. The doctor confirmed that it had played out exactly the way he had heard it. My grandfather felt very peaceful about things after that. He spent the next few months getting his affairs in order, making sure his wife could locate and use all of the insurance policies and other paperwork that would have to be sorted out when he died.

After my grandfather passed away, my grandmother came to live with my mother at our home. She was suffering from bone cancer, and became weaker and weaker. One day, while my mother was feeding her in bed, she started to struggle to get up and was desperately reaching for the ceiling at the opposite corner of the room. She cried that my grandfather was there, that he was just across the room and that she wanted to go with him. Then she settled down and fell asleep. My mother left the room to put the dishes away, and when she came back my grandmother had passed.

I really hope someone is there waiting for me when it’s my time. Who knows? Maybe I’ll see my grandfather there too, just like grandma.