MR.DIY’s gardening essentials for every plantito, plantita

May 12, 2022 People's Tonight 321 views

MR.DIY, your one-stop shop for home improvement, welcomes all plant enthusiasts—our Plantitos and Plantitas—who are looking to continue their gardening journey.

With recent reinforcements on how we can make our environment a healthier place to live in, it is important to emphasize that taking care of our plants is an important step to achieve this and everyone can easily start it in their own spaces and backyards. Gardening does not only reap great benefits for the environment, but it can also be a fun and therapeutic activity for you and the entire family.

If you’re looking for items to help you start your “Gardening 101” journey, MR.DIY is thrilled to share its gardening essentials that are easy to use and promise great value for money.

Metal Hanging Basket

Don’t know where to store your pots, this Metal Hanging Basket is a useful tool to make your plants stand out without occupying much space. This hanging basket from MR.DIY is made of high-quality material and is perfect if you want to decorate your balcony or living area with your plants.

Nozzle Set

Have a problem in getting water supply to your gardening area? This flexible Nozzle Set from MR.DIY can help you connect water hoses to your hard-to-reach plants. It is also easy to use and can be installed on your faucet within seconds.

Telescopic Pipe

A great companion to your Nozzle Set is a Telescopic Pipe, which also serves as a useful tool for your plant’s watering needs. This is the perfect alternative to your hoses that can only reach certain areas and MR.DIY’s Telescopic Pipes can go for up to 15 meters.

Garden Twist Tie

Garden Twist Ties are ideal for tying your plants and vines to make your garden more organized. This garden tool from MR.DIY is a must-have if you are eyeing to maintain your plant’s shape when it grows eventually. It is also available in different colors and is conveniently packaged in a roll holder with an attached cutter.


For your orchids or indoor plants, MR.DIY’s Sprayer is an essential item that easily gets the job done for your spraying needs. It is durable and is a must if you’re looking for on-the-go spraying on various parts of your home.

Garden Tools Set

If you’re new to gardening, the things you’ll need are high-quality garden tools. MR.DIY offers Garden Tools as a set (comprised of handy shovel, garden fork, and rake) without breaking your wallet. This is required for any gardener and can help you in your day-to-day gardening needs.

These items for your gardening journey, among many others, are now available at MR.DIY’s stores nationwide!

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