More infra initiatives in Romblon pushed in support of local dev’t

April 11, 2024 People's Journal 105 views

SENATOR Christopher “Bong” Go personally inspected the ongoing rehabilitation of Manuel A. Roxas Street in Cajidiocan, Romblon on Tuesday, April 9, emphasizing his commitment to enhancing local infrastructure for improved living conditions and transportation especially in remote areas.

Go, vice chairperson of the Senate Committee on Finance, reiterated his support for such initiatives highlighting the significance of the project to the residents of Cajidiocan.

“Ang rehabilitasyon ng kalsadang ito ay hindi lang basta proyektong imprastraktura. Simbolo ito ng daan patungo sa ginhawa at kaginhawaan ng mga mamamayan ng Cajidiocan,” remarked Go, stressing the transformative impact of such developments on the community’s daily life.

Go said that the upgraded road will facilitate smoother and more efficient transportation for residents, making it easier to access essential services, workplaces, and schools. By enhancing connectivity within and around the island, the project is expected to stimulate local businesses and encourage economic activity.

“Pagkakataon po ang bawat proyektong ito para sa ating mga kababayan na umunlad ang kanilang mga negosyo at kabuhayan, at lumago ang ekonomiya ng buong bayan,” remarked Go.

This is part of collaborative efforts advocated by Go towards bolstering public services in the grassroots such as island communities. His visit, which coincides with the Araw ng Kagitingan, saw the presence of various local officials, highlighting their unified commitment to bring improve services in the island.

Go shared that local infrastructure projects in the town which is located on Sibuyan Island is paramount due to its geographical remoteness and the unique challenges this isolation presents. Sibuyan, often called the “Galápagos of Asia” for its rich biodiversity, lacks immediate access to urban centers.

Aside from the project, Go has also championed a variety of projects across Romblon aimed at regional development and economic growth. These projects include the improvement and rehabilitation of the municipal park and plaza in Banton, construction of multipurpose buildings in Ferrol, Romblon, Santa Maria, and the enhancement of road networks in other municipalities.

Meanwhile, Go thanked local officials, including Congressman Budoy Madrona, Governor Otik Riano, Vice Governor Arming Gutierrez, and Mayor Atty. Greggy Ramos, Vice Mayor Ken Rabino, among others, for their service to their constituents.

As these projects progress, Go said that the residents of Romblon can hopefully look forward to a future marked by improved infrastructure.