More Hollywood projects for Inigo and Liza

September 22, 2022 Eugene E. Asis 67 views

IT’S Hollywood or bust for young stars Inigo Pascual and Liza Soberano And it’s now a reality for both. Inigo represents PH in Hollywood series ‘Monarch.’ He plays the adopted son of Emmy award winning Anna Friel and Susan Sarandon. Trace Adkins topbill that cast feature covers of known pop and country singers per episode.

Watch ‘Monarch’ on iWant on TFC app. and website. In ‘Lisa Frankenstein,’ Soberano plays Taffy, stepsister to Kathryn Newton. Her debut movie was filmed in New Orleans. Set 1989, Lisa follows an unpopular high school student who accidentally re-animates a handsome Victorian corpse during a lightning storm to rebuild him into the man of her dream.

Sana masundan pa ito ng more Hollywood projects. Congratulations Inigo and Liza.

What ‘Girl Friday’ is all about

“GIRL Friday,”,a Joel Lamangan film, will unfold on Vivamax on September 30, 2022.

Angeli Khang plays Amor, married to a philandering politician who is twice her age. She tolerates her husband’s infidelity so she can keep her status.

Jay Manalo is Congressman Fredie Ibasco, the husband, and also a ranch owner. When his trusted worker is caught stealing cattle, Congressman Ibasco is quick to throw him into prison.

Massimo Scofield plays Jojo. He is a wife-beater, but ironically, he’ll be needing his wife to get him out of his mess.

Jela Cuenca plays Carmela, Jojo’s battered wife. In spite of this, she still begs Amor for Jojo’s freedom. In exchange for this, she gives in to Amor’s condition: to sleep with Congressman Ibasco.

But when Amor’s plan backfires, she has an evil scheme to get even with her husband.

Angeli Khang and Jela Cuenca have sure come a long way since they starred together in their first erotic movie, “Taya”. Immediately after that, they were introduced as VMX Crush or Viva’s Maximum Crush, along with fellow “Taya” actress, AJ Raval.

These two young sexy actresses get more daring in every movie they make. Fans should see how Angeli and Jela will make their day in “Girl Friday”.

Diego and Franki are like their movie characters

AT war with a rival gang, chased by the police, and dependent on a woman for his escape. That’s the situation Diego Loyzaga finds himself in as he portrays the role of a gang leader named Pepe in “Pabuya”, a Vivamax original movie that’s coming out this October.

Franki Russel plays Bella, whom Pepe runs to after killing an undercover cop. Bella is sweet and loving, and because of their history, Pepe puts his trust in her. But this trust is shaken when the police issued a reward for his capture.

This movie is a first for Franki, who had appeared in the phenomenal TV series “Ang Probinsyano” after being a housemate in Pinoy Big Brother in 2019. Last October, this Filipino-New Zealander beauty also achieved another “first” as she was the first to represent the Philippines in the first-ever Miss Universe pageant in United Arab Emirates.

Her team-up with Diego Loyzaga is quite interesting since, just like their characters, the two of them seemed to have a romantic involvement in the not so distant past.

“Pabuya” is available for streaming on October 7, 2022. By REMY UMEREZ.