Missouri Woman Claims To Encounter Blue Aliens Regularly After Her First UFO Sighting

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By Vicky Verma

The idea that extraterrestrials can be blue-skinned is not just an imaginary theory. In ancient cultures such as Egypt, India, etc, the supreme deities are often shown with blue skin. Moreover, there are other skinned aliens such as Greys, Green men, and big green Reptilians. Additionally, Hollywood has also played a crucial role in portraying the aliens “Blue.” A few months ago, a woman from Missouri was in the news because she claimed to have been in regular contact with Blue-skinned aliens. Her interaction with the entities began after she encountered UFO in the fall of 2020.

29-year-old Lily Nova from St. Louis, Missouri said that her first encounter was very intense. She saw the first UFO after she took up astrophotography to cure her lockdown boredom. Nova started doing astrophotography in early 2021 and ended up taking pictures of the starry sky at night. She subsequently captured the first picture of a UFO on the street (Novermebr 2020, according to The Sun).

She said: “I went outside for some fresh air one night and I immediately locked eyes with bright light hovering over the neighborhood. I started investigating and realized it was a UFO. Seconds later I looked away briefly and when I looked back there was a second craft that was much closer.”

Missouri Woman Blue ETs contact

UFO1One of Lily Nova’s many sightings: Credit: Mirror

Blue aliens

UFO2On one occasion, Lily Nova photographed two UFOs at once. Credit: Mirror

She further added: “I could actually see the triangular shape of the craft. The UFOs did some impressive maneuvers to show me that it wasn’t a regular aircraft before they disappeared above me.”

Encounter with blue extraterrestrials

Nova was really frightened during her first encounter as she had never thought of aliens and UFOs much before the incident. She said it was “a total reality-shifting experience.” A couple of months later she had the second encounter, which was the beginning of her regular contact.

According to Nova, the blue noticed her fondness for seeing their ships on a regular basis, so they decided to show themselves. In her first meeting, she saw a girl with light blue skin. “She had no hair, but she was very beautiful. She was wearing a tight gray suit, and then I saw her teammates standing behind her in the same form, she said.”

In the interview, Nova also described other aliens she had met. They had blond hair, light and even glowing skin, and bright blue eyes. At the same time, Nova was sure that what she saw is rather what the inhabitants of other planets wanted to show her, and not something real. She is sure that these images were sent to her brain telepathically and that these aliens were not real physical beings.

Lily Nova blue skinned aliens

Lily1Lily Nova drew a sketch of a Pleiadian alien woman. Credits: YouTube Screencap

Nova thinks that such precautions were taken in order not to shock her with such an experience. Such encounters and sightings of UFOs have been a regular occurrence for Nova ever since, and she says they have had a profound effect on her life.

Nova posts some photos and videos of UFOs on her social media. “I needed to find out as much as possible. I abandoned my career as a nutritionist because it was overtaken by my passion for finding out more about UFOs and aliens.”

“It’s not something I ever expected to happen. The shock of my encounters with the UFOs eventually turned to comfort as I had more and more experiences. It felt like I was developing a relationship with them. These experiences have changed everything for me. It has totally changed my view of the world and I have learned so much about the cosmos and other beings. I have been focusing on spreading awareness of what I have found.”

On April 14, 2022, she shared an audio recording with post commentary from a CE5 session where she communicated with beings from Zeta Reticuli. She said: “I see light-skinned beings the Zeta Reticuli. They have pale skin, and kind of elongated skulls but not quite like our ancients, humanoid normal looking eyes just kind of a pale.”

Nova says that she has even developed a sixth sense and an intuitive sense of when they will appear to her again. She bills herself as a “cosmic channeler and psychic” whose specialty is “discovering Star Origins, connecting people to their Star Families and galactic guides, and helping the Star Seed people remember who they really are.” Nova has a website where she promotes herself and, of course, there’s a link for merchandise.


Missouri Woman Claims To Encounter Blue Aliens Regularly After Her First…
Vicky Verma

A woman named Lily Nova from Missouri claimed to have been in regular contact with Blue-skinned aliens. Her inte…