‘Missing’ man joins search party for himself

October 13, 2021 People's Tonight 170 views

Posted on Monday, 4 October, 2021

woodsThe drunk man had fallen asleep in the middle of the woods. Image Credit: CC BY-SA 3.0 Donar Reiskoffer

A man who had been reported missing after a night of drinking inadvertently joined the search… for himself.

While it is not that unusual to have less than a complete recollection of a particularly boozy night out, few could get themselves so inebriated that their significant other is forced to organize a search party.

This is exactly what happened however when 51-year-old Beyhan Mutlu from the town of Inegol in northwest Turkey had a little too much to drink last week when out boozing with one of his friends.

He awoke the following morning to find that he had fallen asleep in a house in the middle of the woods. Confused, he wandered outside to figure out exactly where he was.

Before long he ran into some people who were wandering through the trees; it turned out that they were members of a search party who were out looking for someone who had gone missing.

Keen to help, he decided to go with them in an attempt to track down the missing person.

It wasn’t long however before he realized to his horror that the person they were looking for was him.

“After a while, they said they were looking for Beyhan Mutlu,” he said.

“I broke into a cold sweat when I heard my name. I told them I was Beyhan Mutlu, but they continued to search. They didn’t believe me.”

It wasn’t until he was spotted by someone he knew that the truth of the situation was revealed – it turned out that his wife had organized the search party after he failed to return home the night before.

No doubt she would have had a few choice words for him once he finally stepped through the door.

Source: Huffington Post