‘Miracle Cloth’ Falling from Sky Sparks Frenzy in Nigerian Village

November 26, 2021 People's Tonight 242 views

November 11, 2021
By Tim Binnall

Chaos erupted in a Nigerian village when a mysterious length of cloth fell from the sky onto the community and residents wrestled for pieces of the material that they believed to be miraculous in nature. The bizarre incident reportedly occurred late last month in the state of Ondo when the long white object emerged from the clouds and was undulating in the sky like a snake. Eventually, the cloth descended all the way to the ground, where perplexed observers were waiting to get their hands on it. Thinking that the peculiar material was imbued with some kind of spiritual power, due to its perceived heavenly origin, a huge crowd of people began fighting over the fantastic fabric and ultimately tore it to shreds.

ClothMysterious’ cloth that fell from the sky in Ondo belongs to decorator
Nurudeen Lawal

The owner of the ‘mysterious’ cloth that fell from the sky in Ondo, Ms Agnes Fadoju, a decorator and events plan…

Unfortunately for the individuals who managed to procure a piece of the ‘miraculous’ material, the story of the cloth was revealed shortly after the scuffle had subsided and, as one may have guessed, it had not come from heaven. The material actually belonged to decorator and event planner Agnes Fadoju, who had recently purchased the length of fabric for her business. Shortly after washing the material and setting it out to dry outside her home, she received “lots of phone calls” from friends asking if she had performed the seemingly routine chore earlier in the day. Fadoju subsequently learned that “a wind had blown off one of the clothes to the next street in a way that looked mysterious and everything had now been mutilated.”

Hoping to salvage some of the lost cloth, Fadoju ran over to the crowd of people and tried to explain that it belonged to her, but the origin story fell on deaf ears. Later speaking to an official in the community, she was told that “if I had seen the ‘mysterious’ manner the cloth descended, I would have believed their claim.” To that end, as seen in the video above, the fabric falling from the sky does look rather supernatural in nature. While one might suspect that Fadoju would be upset over having lost the cloth, she had a more sanguine perspective on the situation since the event wound up providing publicity for her business