Minor PWDs in Manila to get P500 monthly allowance

September 23, 2023 Edd Reyes 170 views

MINOR persons with disabilities (PWDs) in Manila will soon receive an additional P500 monthly allowance from the local government.

According to Vice Mayor and Manila City Council Presiding Office John Martin “Yul Servo” Nieto, the majority of the members of the council passed on the third and final reading Ordinance 8534 filed by 3rd District Councilor Pamela “Fa” G. Furguso, which amends City Ordinances 8565 and 8756 during its regular session last Tuesday.

In her speech, Councilor Fugoso said. “The ordinance will give an additional budget for minor PWDs to lessen the burden on their families. This P500 monthly monetary allowance will make these children happier. And the listing and verification will fall under the supervision of the Manila Department of Social Welfare Office.”

To avail of the monthly allowance, the following are its qualification criteria:

a.) Only persons with disabilities 59 and below are qualified to avail of the P500 monthly monetary allowance;

b.) Must be a registered voter in Manila; provided, however, that if the PWD does not qualify as a registered voter in Manila due to a disability or if he/she is a minor, the PWD parents or legal guardian must be a registered voter(s) in Manila;

c.) Must be a bona fide resident of Manila for the last six months, and

d.) Must be included in the master list of the Manila Department of Social Welfare Office.