‘Mimicking Entity’ in Southeast England Alarms Experiencer

September 11, 2021 People's Tonight 243 views

Posted: 09 Sep 2021 12:51 PM PDT

Mimic1A southeast England resident recalls constant harassment by a ‘mimicking energy’ at home. The witness thought the activity was similar to that of a skinwalker-like being.

I recently came across the following account:

“I live in a pretty rural area of southeast England with a large wood behind me and in front a fair amount of trees and grassland. About 1 month ago I was awake at 3am or something. I often sleep late and hear noises from my window, the average rustling, rats squeaking in the long grass, cats jumping and the occasional dog bark in the far distance. This night, however, was different.

I was just on Netflix surfing shows when I heard a dog barking, but it sounded right outside of my house, like it could of been in my garden. I do have a dog but he was a sleep and inside at this point. I could very much tell this dog was in my garden. It sounded off though, like sent shivers straight down your spine off. It happened maybe 3 times and I was getting worried it would wake my parents up but was to scared to move. I couldn’t understand why a dog at this time was in my garden. It was a weird bark, almost aggressive or like it was trying to scare me.

After that I heard loud noises as if this creature was jumping away and past my gazebo, so weird to think back about. I heard my brother outside my door and got him to close my window for me without even explaining why I was scared. My ankle was sprained about a month and a half ago and I was struggling with opening and closing my window and just walking in general so he didn’t seem to concerned. (The ankle plays a part later on)

I Googled a bit about skinwalkers after that, wondering if they where even around the UK. I like researching thinks like wendigos and skin walkers and therefor I knew they where native to North America but I couldn’t think of anything to explain this weird dog barking like sound and bounding in my garden. I eventually went to sleep after creeping myself out more.

Nothing much really happened for about 2 weeks. I’d go to the bathroom and would hear strange noises and the owl would start hooting as soon as I walked in. I always wondered if it could see me move through the window, but pretty sure that’s paranoia. I don’t know just leaving in a rural area is creepy though. So, at this point I didn’t think much of any of the strange noises I hear things like that all the time.

Then, something disgusting happens, something that makes me feel so sick I can’t even process it. My foot was better now, still had to hobble and stuff but it didn’t hurt when applying bits of pressure. I walked to my bathroom, as usual the window was open which puts me on edge normally but I just wasn’t thinking about much. I sit down and browse through my phone. It was at that point I hear “mummy?” I froze. I didn’t even know what to think, it wasn’t a scared tone. It was an ‘annoyed why are you ignoring me’ tone and it sounded like a 2-year-old girl, whining, right outside my window. I didn’t make a sound but instantly messaged my girlfriend, as it happens for a second time, this time louder. Baring in mind it is about 10pm, it was dead silent other than this toddler. I couldn’t hear any adults, which confused me, and I was trying to fight the urge to look outside my window to see if there really was a lost toddler but I was too scared. Then again I heard that same barking noise. I felt sick. It barked maybe once or twice but it sounded further away than where the toddler had been. I rang my girlfriend and ran as fast as I could with my ankle out of there. Closed my own bedroom blinds and got into bed.

Now this shook me up for days, I took a walking stick with me into the bathroom to close the window I rushed out of there immediately and always closed my blinds before nightfall. But up until now I’ve slowly been moving in from it, not closing the bathroom window, having my blinds open a bit later. Genuinely haven’t Googled or thought about skinwalkers, until… today.

This is by far the worst one and it makes me feel nauseated thinking about it. A chair is in front of my door and I’m guarding it too. Okay, so here’s what it was. My mum recently has brought her back out, she has degenerative disc disorder and is prone to a bad back. It’s been bad for about a week. Anyway every time she manages to walk up the steps she sighs at the top or outside my door ( I’m next to the bathroom). It’s like a content, yet painful sigh. Like she’s holding it in as she walks so she can let it out when she pauses.

Today was the first day she left the house, with my brother, for his job interview. My dad is at work, I am home alone. Sat here on my bed, this happened about an hour ago. I’m sat there holding my guinea pig when I hear a huge sigh right outside my door. I instantly think it’s my mum and almost for a split second open my door. Then I remember, she just left the house. Instantly I feel warm and scared. Fight or flight kicks in and again skinwalker comes straight to mind. I HEAR IT AGAIN. even louder this time right outside my door a heavy hearted painful sigh. I question my sanity, I shouted out “mum” just to see if it was her, if she’d somehow just come back inside cause her back is playing up and she couldn’t go. I get no answer. I don’t even think twice, I put my guinea pig back in his cage, grab a walking stick and push it against my door, then ring my girlfriend explaining everything. Then I hear it for a third time, but it sounds like it’s at the top of the stairs now like it’s retreated. My girlfriend couldn’t hear it but I could. It made my skin crawl and then again, for a fourth time, in the same place. I started banging my door telling it to piss off and it’s not welcome here and I put my chair in front of the door blocking it. My girlfriend rings my mum (I have no credit) and I explain to her what happened, pretty sure she thinks I’m crazy.

Seriously, has an entity, similar to a skinwalker, infiltrated my house? Does it want to kill me? Is this even a skinwalker? if not what was sighing outside my door and what was saying mummy at 10 pm?” NA

NOTE: Obviously, it’s not an actual skinwalker, at least not a native American witch transforming into another animal-like entity. Because this has been occurring in England seems to suggest that this was a mimicking energy, possibly an Earthbound. I sent a note to the experiencer telling them they really should stop constantly freaking out each time something occurs. Just stay positive and and not respond. That will usually lessen the activity, to a point where it stops for good. Lon

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