Meeting vax target

November 14, 2021 People's Tonight 95 views

ALL sectors of Philippine society should welcome the government’s holding of a three-day nationwide vaccination activity, starting November 29, to meet its vax target.

Concerned authorities hope to mobilize the entire government to vaccinate some five million people a day during the November 29-December 1 “gigantic undertaking.”

The government decided to conduct the three-day vaccination drive, noting that of the more than 110 million population, only 30.5 million have been fully vaccinated.

The authorities hope to inoculate 50 million Filipinos to reach population protection or herd immunity by the end of 2021.

Despite efforts to encourage more people to get vaccinated, there is still vaccine hesitancy, prompting some quarters to ask the government to decree mandatory vaccination.

However, some quarters said the government must first exhaust other means to encourage the doubting Thomases in various parts of the country to get themselves inoculated.

It is expected that the three-day vaccination drive will ensure that more Filipinos will soon have themselves vaccinated against the deadly coronavirus disease (COVID-19).

The benefits of inoculation must not be experienced alone by the residents of Metropolitan Manila and surrounding areas, where the government’s vaccination program is successful.

Note that many regions are still way off their vaccination goals owing to vaccine hesitancy.

We, thus, urge the authorities to do something more effective to rally the people behind the government’s vaccination program to attain herd immunity before the end of 2021.