Meeting the people

August 10, 2021 People's Tonight 385 views

IF President Rodrigo Duterte has limited interactions with the Filipino people, including the ordinary citizens and local government officials, blame it on the coronavirus disease (COVID-19).

In a pre-recorded public address last Monday, Duterte, whose six-year presidency ends at 12 noon on June 30 next year, admitted that the pandemic has hampered everything.

The tough-talking Chief Executive from impoverished Mindanao said he wanted to go outside and interact with the people, but his doctors are preventing him from doing so.

“Sabihin ko sa mga tao, sa mga mayor, gusto ko silang makilala. Gusto ko silang yakapin bilang Pilipino. Ang problema, itong COVID-19 na ito,” said the long-time mayor of Davao City.

Duterte even floated the possibility of disregarding his doctors’ advice, saying he would simply leave everything to God.

Anyway, he said, should something happen to him, Vice President Leni Rodredo would be there to take his place as provided for under the Philippine Constitution.

And it is heartening to know that despite the emergence of new and more infectious COVID-19 variants, including the “Delta” strain, the authorities continue to respond to the problem.

In fact, the government, through concerned offices and agencies, is determined to win the fight against COVID-19, which has claimed the lives of millions of people across the globe.

But what’s needed is for the public to support government efforts to prevent the further spread of the deadly virus, which originated from Wuhan, China.

It will be good for the nation and the people.